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My Readings: January (E01)

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bobbieiceman said...
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Mohd Bukhari Bin Salleh EA08089 said...

This is my first post for this month.For me the most that i have read is all about football.Especially about Manchester United.How they come from down to take top of the league in the January.Although the World Best Player still can not got the rhythm like he had last season but all the other player have a very good discpline that kept United always on top.So i hope this season United will be more succesful in taking the crown.In domestic or in europe.Go United.

ALICE CHIN KO SWIN (EA08059) said...

Friends and Friendship- Who is friends, What is friendship?

I choose this article for I think it is meaningful and I like it very much. I had kept on repeat to read this article for about 3 to 4 times. Now, I would like to share this article with all my friends in section E01.

“A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.” I love this proverb very much once I saw it. A friend is always loves and a brother is born to share problems. This proverb is shown at the first statement of the article.

Friend is actually playing a quite important character in our daily life. We can rely on friends when we interfere with problem or trouble, chitchat with them when we sad, share our interests together, play around with them and so on…

Someone may meet their true friend in life but someone may not. Someone may have plenty of friends but someone may just only have few. Everyone will encounter different things in life. For me, perhaps I am the one who have fewer friends. It’s hard for me to find a true friend in this life.

From this article, we can know that a friend is someone who is trustable and loyal to our friendship. When you are going to fallen to a deep hole, they are may be the one who are going to lend out their hands to hold you back. In short, friend is like a treasure for everyone, we should treat them sincerely. You may not need friends now but one day you may need friend’s help to solve your problem…

MiSS @Mir@ said...

This is my first post in your blog,this is about the article i have read in Tun Dr.Mahathir blog.That article was post as a letter to the latest precident of America,Mr.Barrack Obama.The article wrote to let Obama think about what happen in the world after this is in his hand,futhermore about what is happen in Gaza Palestine now.
Stop war!!

Nur Hamizah Abdul Hamid (EA08081) said...

Hi and a very good day.

Recently, I have watched a movie entitled "saw v" and I would love to share with the rest of you about this thrilling story.The story revolves about a psychotic man named Jigsaw.He tricks guilty people in one game with the motive of to make they realize about their wrongdoings but with a very mean and heartless way.

Those people stuck in that unwilling game need to fulfill his instructions few times along the way to escape and if they are being late, they could be bombed so devastatingly.For example of what happened in that movie,in one of the cases they need to collect 10 liters of human blood within only 30 minutes by inserting their own hands in a blender machine until 10 liter blood collected.Can you image how psycho and insane he is????

Unsurprisingly,he eventually died and pick a last person alive to carry on the Jigsaw legacy named Hoffman who is a FBI agent.He acts like a responsible man but when his secret is threatened, Hoffman have to proceed the hunt to eliminate all loose ends.I didn't watch the other episode before this and do not know why is he doing like that. But I will sooner or,lets check them out!!

Lam Kheng Yik said...

I would like to share a WORLD NEWS to all of u,that is Obama finally be a America president.

In 20th of January,new America president was take up official post as America president.
First day he take over his post,he was order all of white house employee must follow all instructions and rules base from moral values.Those who can't fulfill will deduct salary or otherwise.
In first day,he also got contact to Middle East that's discuss about army and economics.
He will done everything what he promise before such as in election and the day he chosen as America president.
We hope the new America president will helps the world economics and even war between the country.

Lee How Cheh (EA 08043) said...

Today i come across about a news regarding a foetus found in laptop bag in mall dumpsite. The race and the sex of the foetus could not be determined. I really feel miserable and out of idea why such situation could happen. Isn't it cruel to dump the foetus just like that? Why not the person responsible take up the responsibility and give birth to the future baby?

That few questions keep on repeating in my mind. In my opinion, since we have bring up a new life, we should go along in taking the best responsibilty that we could. I really hope that everyone of us can be a wise and respected person in this society. Open up our mind and think wisely before we act because there are no use to regret once we step into the wrong path of life.

wan nur farhanah bt wan zakaria ea08033 said...

hello,this is my first comment and i hope that i can share something new with all of my friends.
Just now,i had read an article about Palestinian girls who had tell grim stories of survival.This Palestine girl are not at home when the tragedy had happened.
Israel bomb destroyed her family's apartment in Gaza's Beach refugee camp which had killed her father, mother, two brothers and a sister.A day before the tragedy, her cousin had killed by tank shells that exploded in the city's main square.In just 2 days,this girl lost her parents, brother, sister and her lovely cousin.Very very poor...
Lets think for a while...what will we are going to do if all of this happen to us?
Thanks God for giving us this peaceful country,Malaysia...


assalamualaikum and salam sejahtera..

this is the fisrt time i post a comment in this semester..
i like to share about the issue of we all know,israel had begin their war against islam as they attacked the palestin's we know,a lot of people was dead and hurt during the attacked.many of kids and women suffer from the gun shoot and boms.
i realy dont feel easy about for me and all of the people in malaysia,we need to help them..not by using the violent but we could pray for their sake and makesure we dont help israel by buying their things..
thats all from me for this time..


For the first comment in this blog,i want to share some information about shampoo.
Did you know that shampoo can become dangerous to us?
Check your shampoo now and change it before it's to late.Check the ingredients listed on your shampoo bottle and see does it have a substance called SODIUM LAURETH SULFATE(SLS).This substance is mixed into another ingredient to make a shampoo and who use it for a long time may be had a cancer.It is have been proven that can cause cancer and this is not a joke.
Manufacturers use this substance in their shampoo product because it will produces a lot of foam and also it is cheap.
BUT,the truth is that substance is used to scrub garage floors and it is very strong!!!
Some example of shampoo product that contains this dangerous substance is Vo5,Palmolive,L'oreal and Paul Mitchell.

Lam Kheng Yik said...

Although in new year 2009,the world crisis economic still unstable.
One of the big company Microsoft said they might be fire amount of 5000 employees in coming of 18 months.
This will help them save 15 billion in a year if they do so. The reason is decrease of consumer buying PC and changed to buy net book so the business was getting worst and worst.Other than that,they have to compete that related to economy.
The treasurer of Microsoft,Chris Liddell said last season of activity economy and IT expenses was out of planing so company have to decrease the cost of product to avoid others clash.


Assalamualikum and hello to everyone.Last week, people around the world have heard,listen, or read about the statement of new generation of president America.But the moment that i have take note is, when he said he want to make good relationship with all country especially islam's country.But, i don't believe him. I have notice, when he had a campaign at TEXAS before he become a president, he said he 'ALWAYS ACCOMPANY WITH ZIONIS/ISREAEL UNTIL THE END'.From that statement he win at TEXAS.So, when he declaire a statement as a president, i won't believe him.How about the people that he choose as his crony to fill the white house.I mention that all of them have same thinking as the last of president America,Bush.So i hope all people not believe with the tactics of American's and Israel's politics.May be some of you can leave comment about my opinion.Thanks.


Good morning every one.Do you mention that Israel have stop to attack Gaza?I think it just a temporary action.They want to get a sympathy from the world. They reliese that all the world cannot stand what they doing to Gaza.Killing human that not have sins.
I very angry about the islam's country because they do not take fast action to save Gaza.
I also have read about the ten of the enemies of Israel that won't to take part in the ware with Gaza.I respect to them compare to islams's country. They willing to get the punishment to avoid killing people. All people should look at them as role model especially to islam's country.Lastly, i hope all of you do not STOP to BOICOTS America and Israel to avoid them killing people in Gaza again.Even though they have stop to attack Gaza now, i don't shock if they will continue again in a month.Continue to BOICOT!!

yAs0tHA (eA08078) said...


Hi to all E01 people. Happy Chinese New Year to all the chinese students. Since its being chinese New Year festival, I just want to talk something that is more related to the chinese custom here. When i was small, I still remember how excited I used to get when Chinese New Year comes around every year, thinking of getting 'ang pau' from neighbours and also from some relatives. At the end of the day, my brother and I would sit down to count and compare the amunt of money we have received. Well, things haven't changed much over the years. Childrens still look forward to ang pau during Chinese New Year and that includes me too.

Now, i would to talk what actually the red packet(ang pau) means. It signifies luck and prosperity for the year. In other hand, 'Gong Xi Fa Cai' means "whishing you prosperity'. The significance of ang pau lies in their colour and not their content. For the Chinese, red symbolises happiness.
The mind and good heart of the giver are reflected in this ang pau giving, which in turn is thought to bring happiness to the receiver. When someone gives ang pau, they show their appreaciation and assure to the receiver. Ang paus usually have illustrations and the front representing blessings and wishes prosperity and good health. As we see now, this tradition of chinese being followed by other cultures, for example during Deepavali, parents used to give their kids money folded in ang pau packets, and I used to get it too. With the chinese, only unmarried people can receive ang pau. So, from this we know that this type of traditions really brings cheers to everyone. Isn't it. Exploring or getting know about other races cultures and traditions is really very knowledgable and more interesting. I had the fun and how about you guys??

yAsothA(eA08078) said...


How one can cleanse the mind..? Well, there's being always a question about this. When the mind is clear, the words that we exchange will be filled with significance. There will be no other feelings to any complicated issues. Furthermore this leads to a clear communications and good relationships.

Sometimes we used to ask people who are sitting silently why they are sitting and doing nothing. We used to think that sitting silently means doing nothing but it is not true. Sitting or standing or even walking quietly, is a time when something powerful and wonderful happens. When our minds are busy all the time, there is no possibility of listening to our own inner conscience. When we practise silence, we can notice some changes in ourselves. We started to get calm, aware of what is going around ourselves and we can even get peace of mind. For those who feel they being tensed up or get stressed easily, you can try this one. Well, its worth trying, NoTHING TO LOSE..!!

source : Focus, New Straits Times(JAN 20, 2009)

Lam Kheng Yik said...

Good news for America!!!
President of America, Obama success pass through agreement members of Parliament with 244 agree than 188 disagree to use 8190 US billion dollar to overcome and excite economy problems.
Some of members against of this policy that bring up by Obama because it needs too many money and reduce of tax is too little.
Anyway, the main of success of this policy is because many of Parliament of members is same party with Obama and this will make the project more easier to pass through.
We just hope that any plan will bring goods to economy so can stable the share market.

yAsothA said...

Have you all ever wonder how lucky all of us staying in Malaysia??

Well, for me as a Malaysian citizen, i feel gratitude to be here because its being such a peaceful country. As i woke up in the morning, i don't have fear to go outside and do my daily doings. Now, as we look around ourselves, we tend to read so many news about wars, food shortage, flood, earthquakes and all sort of fenomena that is happening around the world. I feel sad when reading this kind of news. There are daily innocent peoples are dying for nothing. Just remember god is just indicating something to us. Well if something bad happens means sure there will something good will happen in return. Lets all of us pray for the goodness of the innocent people around the world. Hope more better leaders rule the world in future. PEACE to the world!!
' A simple pray always brings a big different'...~yAsOthA~

.::yAs0thA::. said...

100 dAys to prove his Mettle.. -Obama-

Being the 44th president of United States, here comes the 100 days to prove what he is made of. The first 'hundred days' indicates as a way to evaluvate presidents. The term is more symbolic. Some presidents have more to do in 100 days and the most successful ones was Roosevelt (the 32nd president of U.S).

Barack Obama focuses on the starts of Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt presidencies as guides for actions.Some of global challenges awaits Obama are, inheritation wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Terrorism across the globe, crises in Congo, Zimbabwe and Darfur. It was told in a report that, former presidents have used these 100 days to build confidence in the goverment and its ability to stabilize the economic system and 100 days will dissapear very fast, once they are gone or delayed in the works, the political capital is hard to get back. Hope that Obama find a better solution regarding every matter that he concerns.
'A nations future is in the hand of a quality Leaders'...


Lam Kheng Yik said...

Our Minister of Penang said that not much employees was get fire in Penang compared to others state such as Malacca, Pahang and etc.

The minor part is employees wants to leave and others reason.
He mentioned that now Penang not much workers get fire doesn't mean that in future won't do so.

For temporary he said that's got two big company still invest one and three billion in Penang state. This prove that foreign countries investment still confident to Penang development.

Although INTEL got two factory was closed but it doesn't mean that will fire employees but those of them will transfer to Kedah to continue their job.

Lam Kheng Yik said...

France citizen was hold a demonstrate to France's President that protect their job even nowadays crisis of economy. The amount of peoples in this action is about 20 thousands.

They do so because France is the one of the country of serious lose their jobs and many of factory, schools wan forced to closed. Because of this many peoples not only in France and also others countries was get same trouble.

They all went to street of Paris and hold their demonstrate and this is the biggest amount of demonstrate since 20 years ago. From this event, the related of committee said 25% of France's employees participant of this event and half of them is from teacher because unsatisfied of government deduct their salary.
Traffic jam was appear because of this demonstrate.

Anonymous said...

Ching Wai Hoong EA08019 E01
Nine villages in Keningau flooded
There were nine villages had been flooded since midnight on Friday and the situation in Sabah is expected to be worse with more rain being forecast.
Kampung Ansip was the worst affected village where two houses were swept away by flood-waters and around 400 peoples were evacuated to a relief centre at SK Ansip Dua. In Kampung Puntih, three house were swept away and several people had to be rescued when they were trapped in the floods. In addition, the floods also cut off road links between Ansip and Dalit.
Unfortunately, there were still many residents in the flood-hit villages who refuse to leave their homes because they thought and believed that the waters would recede soon.
Lastly, I really wish and hope that the flooded-waters in all of the villages in Keningau can be receded very soon and all the villagers and residents no matter from where, they can be lived harmony, peace and won’t again be hit and attacked by disaster.

From: the star newspaper

Anonymous said...

Ching Wai Hoong EA08019, E01

The signs and symptoms of Dengue and Chikungunya

Dengue is not uncommon in tropical countries like our country, Malaysia and there have always been steps in place to keep the mosquito-borne disease under check. For your information, nowadays, it is not only the dengue disease spread widely, but the new disease – Chikungunya is also a symptom that is very similar to dengue but hemorrhagic or shock syndrome does not take place with chikungunya fever. Now, I would like to give some information about the signs and symptoms of these two types of diseases.
The common symptoms for dengue fever are:
• High fever
• Severe headache
• Backache
• Joint pains
• Nausea and vomiting
• Eye pain
• Rash
The symptoms for chikungunya fever:
• Fever
• Chills
• Headache
• Fatigue
• Nausea
• Vomiting
• Muscle plain
• Rash
• Joint pain
In my opinion, we have to against and protect ourselves from these two types of disease. We are required to spend just 10 minutes a week to ward off disease especially search for and stop Aedes from breeding in our homes, dispose rubbish properly and remind ourselves to keep our home and surroundings clean always.

Anonymous said...

Ching Wai Hoong EA08019, E01

The good ways to fill up your leisure time.

I have already read through this website and it mentioned about how we are going to use our leisure time. I took a few minutes to think this question, and actually I also don’t know the right ways to fill up my leisure time. So, this website is quite good to let me use the leisure time especially the holiday in coming soon in right motives. There are 3 great ways to use the leisure time effectively and meaningfully:
1. The proper use of our leisure time at home begins with proper priorities.
2. The proper use of leisure time requires a balance between family and self.
3. The proper use of leisure time in the home demands a balance between work (or study) or play.
The right balance is found in the family that works together and plays together, spends time with each other, and is committed to the work of God. If you have a hard time doing this, then schedule a time each week just for the family. Too little, or too much - that is just the way life is. You have to work on it to get it just right. And so it is with our use of leisure time.

Anonymous said...

Ching Wai Hoong EA08019, E01

Two teens killed in head-on crash

This is a sad news where there are two teens killed in head-on crash. From the comment of Tapah OCPD Superintendent Roslan Bek Ahmad, the two victims, Fahmi Rafie, 18, and Ahmad Othaman in 19, both of them from Tapah about 60km from Tapah, died on spot in the 6.30am accidently on 24 January 2009.
Initial investigations found that the car, which was heading towards Ipoh, had veered into opposite lane and crashed into the motorcycle which the two victims were on the way to their hometown by this motorcycle.
But, the driver from the car of the accident, named by Ng Chan Choi with 60 from Kampar was escaped unhurt.
Although, most of us really desire for going back to our hometown as soon as possible, however, we have to always remind ourselves that our own safety is the most important and vital. Try to stand at the side of our parents and friends to think vividly, they very hope that we can be back safe and without any injures. So I hope we can go back in safe and try to think to your parents and friends too.

From: the Star newspaper

Anonymous said...

Ching Wai Hoong EA08019, E01

The way to make you happy
Everyday, every time to make yourself happy, can you do so? In my opinion, there is no one can be happy for long-lasting. No one can be confident to speak out that tomorrow or a certain date or time, he or she can be very happy and cheerful. Of course, all of these are happening around me too. As a usual and ordinary human being, for sure you may suffer from sadness or upset for some events and cases happened around you. However, what I would like to share with you all is to make ourselves happy all of the time even though we have to face many challenges in our whole life. Here, there are several effective ways to make you calm down from sadness, angry or upset, then turn you back in happy situation.
• Eat the diet food to make you feeling that all of the things happened around you is satisfied and you can forget the sadness gradually.
• If singing or dancing is your favorite, try to go to K-box to have and taste this excellent happy moment.
• A good reader you are, and then you can read the interesting novels or some of the books that you like them most.
• You can also find a partner to accompany you to take a short travel or just for shopping, watching movie or going somewhere else to buy the things that you require.
• Cooking is your expert, try to think out a perfect and tasty food, then you can have a good enjoyment of this type of food or you just can also share with your friends and parents too.
• Take a good sleep, actually can to be a good method to give you a big help to forget all of the sad events which are happening around you. This is also to make yourself calm down you mind-thinking and your emotionality can be under a good control.
Don’t you believe all of these ways? Just try them by yourself, and then you may know the final answer. From

Anonymous said...

Ching Wai Hoong EA08019, E01

How To Become More Intelligent:

• Listen to others patiently and hear and learn from what they are saying. Some people are wise, other's just hurt and need to talk, while others may try to persuade you into doing things you shouldn’t! Read, research the Internet on different subjects. If we keep our ears and eyes open to the world and truly listen we learn much.
• Pay attention to subjects.
• Here are some Related Links for some websites that will help you improve your memory and thinking skills. The best way to become smarter is simply to exercise your brain! You can improve your brain the same way you improve your muscles when you exercise them. Read as much as you can and talk about what you have read with others. Look up information about anything that seems interesting. The more you learn, the more your brain will be able to learn. Try puzzles and brainteasers to improve your problem-solving abilities. You can also browse the Learning Tips section to learn how to take better notes in class, how to listen better, and how to study for tests.
I prefer of it. I often use this to train my brain especially doing my mathematics. I also prefer to play puzzles because I really hope I can improve my problem-solving skills and abilities. If you don’t believe on it, just try it by yourself, then you may know it vividly by yourself in final. From:

Lam Kheng Yik said...

Malaysia Peugeot procurator was present a new model car named Peugeot 308 to market. The prices of VTI model is Rm 96,500 and Turbo model is Rm 111,000.

Nasim, and also NAZA consortium executive committee says that they have confidence that company can continue their development with Malaysia economy helping and helps world automotive companies to resume as before. He also says can archive 2500-2900 cars sales in this year with VTI and Turbo model with percentage 60% and 40%.

Our Deputy Prime Minister was one of the guest who open ceremony for new model car Peugeot 308. Dato Seri Najib says that he has confident to local market although now faced crisis world economic problems.

He has mention that our local automotive still can archive good values in market and recorded as second highest sales in Malaysia among all of cars market. He felt happy because NAZA had done many of tactics to develop and it can produce more occupation chance and it can cooperate in technical and make manufacturing industries more better.

Heng Poh Xuan(EA08088) said...

I just read an articles of ‘ Take care of your hair ’.That have something I want to share with all of you. There was undeniable that all of us will envy women who are blessed with elegant hair. Although it seems impossible to have lustrous hair, but now we can achieve beautiful hair through some steps. First, visiting a trichologist. They can determine our general history and ascertain if our scalp is oily or dry, flaky or sensitive. Next , balanced diet intake. Enough vitamins or nutrients intake will boost health associated with healthy hair. Besides, use hair products suited to one’s needs. This is important because there are many types shampoo in the market, if we use the shampoo that not suitable will damage our hair. Finally, hair should be washed at least once a day. People sweat everyday and there’s a build up of dead skin cells, bacteria and pollution on your head, daily washing hair will avoid complications like dandruff and itchy scalp. As a conclusion, beautiful hair can give someone good impression so we should take good care to our hair.

.::yAs0thA::. said...

Lack of basic knowledge for doctors??

Malaysian Medical council concern about lack of basic skills for most of the new coming Malaysian doctors. In a research that was conducted by the Malaysian Medical Council, states that, the doctors show poor skills in history-taking, physical examination, has poor core knowledge, poor attitude and also lack of bedside manners.

According to Datuk Dr Jeyaindran, some of these fresh doctors are doing their houseman trainings for years, some even up to six years. This is because they cant meet the standard that are required as a quality doctors. He also expressed great concern that some house officers were not able to perform simple test for a patient. This is because they have not been trained during their years in clinical exposure. As a student, i feel that, the Malaysian Medical Council should be more strict in approving someone as a quality doctor. Goverment has to open a file on each of them, containing information on the university they are graduated from and also their academic performance.

We wAnT More QuAlity DocTors...!!


.::yAs0thA::. said...

The Octuplets...

The woman that gave birth to the octuplets had six other childrens before this. The Father of the woman said, his daughter wanted one more child and they didnt expect this would happen. The medical report states that all the babies are well with the mother and children. Seven babies are breathing unassisted and one is receiving assisted oxygen through a tube in the nose. Doctors are still really unclear how this woman ended up with eight embroys in the first place.

Although the mother and the eight babies is said to be healthy but this is somehow dangerous on giving birth to multiple babies. Hope the mother and the babies would be fine always. God bless them..!!



Today I will tell you about our fingernails and toenails. It’s interesting I think. Do you know why our fingernails grow faster than toenails? Dermatologist Dr Fred Feldman says that although nobody knows for sure why toenails lag behind fingernails in growth, there are many possible explanations:

1. Trauma makes nails grow faster. Dermatologists have found that if a patient bites a nail down or loses it altogether, the traumatized nail will grow faster than one left alone. Fingernails, in constant contact with many hard or sharp objects, much more likely to be traumatized in everyday life than toenails. Even no painful contact can cause some trauma to nails. Because we use our fingers much more often than our toes, toenails do not tend to get the stimulation that fingernails do.

2. All nails grow faster in the summer than the winter, which suggests that the sun promotes nail growth. Even during the summer, most people cover their toenails with socks and shoes.

3. Circulation is much more sluggish in the feet than in the hands.

Anonymous said...

Phoong Phooi Theng EA08039 said...

'Water: The Drink for Long Life' We live to drink? Or we drink to live? This article I read is about how the water factors into our health and longevity plans. I strongly agree that water is the key to healthy life but I find that many people fail to do so. The word 'water' mentioned here is the drinking water or mineral water, or preferably sky juice for some people. Other drinks like Coca-cola, beer and fruit juice that are ready packed are definitely not the good choices for our health. I think that these drinks are just high in sugar and don't contain any nutrient at all. As you know, we can live for days without food but definitely not without water. Our survivals depend on drinking water and therefore, we must be cautious when choosing the right drink for our life.


Anonymous said...

Phoong Phooi Theng EA08039 said...

Is yesterday's leftovers safe to eat? According to the article, even though the leftovers may smell or taste ok, we could actually be putting harms into our mouth. In my opinion, I agree that the leftovers may be less healthy compared to the fresh ones but I do practise it all the time at home. I hate people who often waste their food. Even though the leftovers are less nutritious, we won't get sick or die after eating it.

From: Jusco Pearl Magazine, July 2008 edition

Anonymous said...

Phoong Phooi Theng EA08039 said...

Do you sometimes feel that people do not seem to understand what you are trying to say? According to this article, communication is a two-way process. That is why, before we start pointing fingers to others, we should ask ourselves if we know how to communicate effectively. I srongly agree with this statement because I find that the way some people talking is like mumbling to themselves. They do not open their mouths and eat all the words while speaking. In my opinion, I think the body language is also very important to make sure the messages send to the recipients effectively. Without the body language, people may find it very boring to just listen to what we are saying.

Anonymous said...

Phoong Phooi Theng EA08039 said...

Do you sometimes feel that people do not seem to understand what you are trying to say? According to this article, communication is a two-way process. That is why, before we start pointing fingers to others, we should ask ourselves if we know how to communicate effectively. I srongly agree with this statement because I find that the way some people talking is like mumbling to themselves. They do not open their mouths and eat all the words while speaking. In my opinion, I think the body language is also very important to make sure the messages send to the recipients effectively. Without the body language, people may find it very boring to just listen to what we are saying.

Anonymous said...

Phoong Phooi Theng EA08039 said...

How much sleep is enough? Some people said 8 hours, but there are also people said 6 hours. Which is the right answer? According to the article, the best answer is that you feel fully refreshed and alert the following day when you get enough sleep. Yes, I strongly agree with this statement. However, it doesn't mean that the more you sleep the more alert you will feel. I find that when I sleep too much, I tend to feel sleepy earlier. Anyway, getting enough of sleep is very important to our healthy life. I do not agree with people who think that sleeping is a waste of time. Inadequate sleep can lead to poor concentration and increase the risk of mistakes and accidents. This is also one of the reasons why the rate of accidents in Malaysia is so high.

wan nur farhanah ea08033 said...

Mum, son proceed 'gingerly'...
Yamiline Gubud have the aims to set up a company to process ginger-based food, and it is a decision the family does not regret.Do you know why?The sales have grown by more than four-fold in a span of three years.Mardi (Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute) had give the recipes to her on how to produce the variety product from ginger.At least,the agency helps to wide her business and Yamiline gained more extra income in a short time.So,lets open up our minds and think out of box on how to gain extra income like her

Anonymous said...

Phoong Phooi Theng EA08039 said...

I read an online article about stress. According to this article, there is a kind of stress that is normal and useful to us, which helps us to work hard and react quickly. I agree with this statement. However, if this happens too often, it can lead to serious health problems such as cancer. That is why, it's important to to know some ways to lower the stress level. I find this article very useful, especially for people nowadays, because it also provides some ideas on how to manage our stress.

Anonymous said...

Phoong Phooi Theng EA08039 said...

Every second, there are problems occurring around us, whether it is happening to us or to the people around us. In my point of view, I think that problems are good because it helps us to grow and become more matured. According to this article, no problem ever came without a solution. The difference is just that different people require different amount of time and energy to solve certain problems. I think what is stated in this article is very true. We shouldn't just give up easily whenever we face a problem that seem hard to solve. I'll bare in mind that every problem comes with a solution so that I will not give up easily when fail to solve the problem.


ijan said...

Fristly, assalamualaikum to my lecture miss Marzaih
Actually i want to share filling about the war israiel to palastin.
as a normal human and same religion(islam) with our sibling in there. i fill very sad to palestinian because their fade and angry to israiel soldier and mainly to their leader. They are bad nation yahudi go to hell. That is because they are like animal, kill human in not fair way. They are with excellent technology and attack weak nation with poor technology. So we can think with fresh mind who will win in that war???

So for my opinion for give threat to that nation. We must boycott any product came from that nation. those are like ambipur, aoste,bali, banana repuplic, boitherm, boss hugo boss, buitoni, calvin klein,carrefour, champion, clinique, cnn, coco cola, j.crew, danone, dim, disney,dr.pepper. fanta, GAP, garnie, giorgio armani, gossard, hanes, hanes, HarperCollins, helene rubistein, hema, the home depot, huggies, ICQ, intel, intimate, jimmy dean and many more.
Other than that, we must study hard and smart in any option like engineering, business, economics, politic, and social. that all are very importand to improve country protection at future time.

This event must be lesson to our nation whether malaya, china, and indian to know each other for avoid the nation problem like Peristiwa 13 may. thank you that all. See you teacher....

Ahmad Fathi said...

Ahmad Fathi

hello my friends and miss Marziah.

Did you know one interesting about our country. "In Malaysia, at least 40% of Malaysians are overweight, and 5% are obese". ~The Star Online~

In my opinion, that means Malaysian people eat food but not follow the pyramid rule. pyramid rule teach us which type of food can be eat most and less. beside that, Malaysian people also dislike to do exercise or jogging every evening.
So, from now on, we must start diet especially who are overweight
and obese. As we know, when we are overweight, the rate we can get sick is very high.

~So, lets think about it.~


Hello, Assalamualikum everybody. Today I had read a story about a student and a teacher. The student ask his teacher how to choose the best person as our lover and make it perpetual. The teacher ask her student to walk to the field and see the grass without turn back. Choose and pick the beautiful and best grass in front of him without turn back and bring it back to class. When that student come back to class, there is no grass that he bought. His teacher ask him why there is no grass that he pick. Then, the student said, there are many beautiful grass. Then he still walk to find the very beautiful without turn back. But when he arrived at end of the field, he cannot found very beautiful grass. So, he cannot pick any grass.
Then the teacher said “ When we found someone that we love, don’t try to find the better than we have now. We must to appreciate someone in front us”.
I very agree to this article. As a daughter and student I believe that someone that I found or I have now is the best, very beautiful and very kind to me. When something happened in our relationship, try to bring back to normal. May be at the next time, we cannot find as the best as we have now. Appreciate somebody or something is a sign that we thankful for what we have.
“Thankful to the love that you have today, because when you leave it, it may be cannot come back as usual”

norazura abdul halim (ea08138) said...

Hi everyone,

mother's heart is child's schoolroom...

Do you realize how important your mother to you??

Here, I would like to share to you about a story of a mother.I found this story from

One day, a girl was going to shopping complex with her mother.Her mother wanted to buy a baju kurung.Her mother had entered a lot of boutique to find the right baju kurung.The girl was so tired because she had to follow her mother for the whole day.She also felt uncomfortable with her mother and felt like to scold her.Finally, her mother found the right boutique that sold a beautiful baju kurung.She entered the fitting room with her daughter to try the clothes.The girl found that it was so hard for her mother to put the clothes on her body because both of her hands are half paralyzed due to the deasease that she suffer.The girl was touched.She felt sympathy to her mother, walked away from the fitting room and cried.on the night, she came to her mother room and touch her hand and she ask for an apologized because she always feel like to scold her she realized that her mother's hands were so meaningful to her since she was small until now...

MiSS @Mir@ said...

Noor Amira Syuhada Bt Mahamad Salleh EA08042

Soap Opera

I believe that some of us are not very familiar with this term.I have some information about this phrase.
Soap opera is actually had soap manufacturers such as
Procter and Gamble, Colgate-Palmolive, and Lever Brothers as sponsors.As time pass by,soap opera is very close to
romantic serial.This king of entertainment become very popular especially to housewifes because soap opera is played
during daytime.Soap opera always has many episodes until 100 or more episodes.One of the popular soap opera in US is General Hospital.

Soap opera face its evolution and became very popular in the world.Many country try to produce something l
ikes soap opera untill Indonesia has sinetron.Mexico has telenovela.(

As we can seeMalaysia is also get impact from this phenomenon.Now in Malaysia we so many long series drama.
As example,TV3,has too many high rating serial,such as SPA Q.What i'm going to tell here that,this phenomenon should
be the platform to delivered something to Malaysian.This is because people or especially audience are very easy to be
influence by media,or to focus here,soap opera.

Malaysian...Take our action..

MiSS @Mir@ said...

Noor Amira Syuhada Bt Mahamad Salleh EA08042

Issue about UMP

I'm strongly believe that most of us know about the article publish in .
The news was written based on what have been said by the Vice Canselor of UMP.That was about staf attitude.
He said that UMP need new invention,with technology and inovation.

Not to punish anybody,staf or student,we have to work hard to make UMP known as the world class university.
It is not imposible because we have very good students.For example,i read in UMP e-comm,a pair of twin in UMP get first class degree.
Besides that,few of our lecturer awarded with international award.

Is that mean UMP still can not move forward to international level?
Now is the task for us to make sure that UMP can be the best university.

Good luck everybody

MiSS @Mir@ said...

Noor Amira Syuhda Mahamad Salleh EA 08042
Chinese Ancient Costumes

Have you seen a very beautiful clothes wear by the emperor like we can watch in tv shows.Although i'm not a chinese,but i love the costumes.There are some story about this unique clotes.As i read in the website(
The material of clothe is silk.During the old days silk show the person who wear it is rich.
Besides that the beautiful colour of the cloth create the difference between rich and poor people.
Behind the beautiful costumes wear by the emperres,there is a pair of small shoes.For them,the women who has a tiny feet is
very beautiful.

This tradition should not be dissapear.Our young generation should do something to make this tradition stay alive.
Chinese Society in UMP has take their action.During the Chinese New Year Dinner,there 3 couple wearing 6 difference of the coctumes.
One of them is E01 member.He is 'Bear'.This is very good way to let young generation know about tradition.Eventhough this not
from Malaysia,but there is nothing wrong to protect the tradition.

Tradition is history of us.Eventhough we don't feel it in the real time,but we can feel it through the story and what we can see.
Western style that hasinfluenced teenagers nowaday is not a good way to follow..

Congratulation 'Bear' for be the one who are very concern about tradition.

MiSS @Mir@ said...

Noor Amira Syuhada Bt Mahamad Salleh EA08042


A pair of shoes looks like something very common i our daily life.But some of us did not know how to have the best shoe.
The best shoes are not depends on its price or brand.Yes,it is through that expensive brand of shoes can make user more
comfortable.But if we now how to choose the best shoes,we can save our money.

From what i read in,there are 5 steps to be done.There are:

1.Choose the right type of shoes depend on the activity such as sports wear or office wear.
2.Put the chosen shoes at your feet,and have a trial session.
3.The shoe should be fit with the feet size.Make sure that ankle and heel did not rub against the inside shoe.Give toe small space.
4.Morning is not very suitable time to buy a new shoe.
5.Choose the right colur of shoe.Eventhough we wear shoe at the feet,but it will be the attention part.
6.Choose the shoe with the rigth material.For example,safety shoe should not be a canvas shoe.

So,if you want to buy shoe,practice this as the way to get best shoe.Before i end this post,let see,don't choose to be a shoe,
even it expensive it will at the bottom.
As in our life,eventhough we have high education we can will stay at the bottom part if we dont practice it.
Practice the knowledge we will be the crown for us.

Be a good customer.Be a good student.............

MiSS @Mir@ said...

Noor Amira Syuhada Mahamad Salleh EA08042
Interesting Place To Visit.

During the mid semester breake,i have a chance to visit Penang.One of famaous destination in the Pearl Island is
'Padang Kota Lama' or Esplanade Penang.It is historical place in Penang.In the past time,about 1890 to 1954,Sepoy regiments used it for
target practice and the Manila Band played from a bandstand.The Padang(field)
is where most of the island's important events, such as the Chingay Parade during the
Lunar New Year. Portions of the Padang's expanse have been carved out for
a children's playground, many stall selling Malay food.One of the famous food is 'pasembur' .
Nowadays,Padang Kota Lama be the place for the family to have a rest and see the beatiful scenery besides have fresh air.

As a Malaysian,we should go and see all the intersting place in Malaysia.Don't proud of other country before you know everything
about Malaysia.If have free time,go and visit Penang.There are many interesting place to visit.Such as,Penang Hill,Batu Feringhi,
and Teluk Bahang.


Proud to be a Malaysian....

Alice Chin Ko Swin (EA08059) said...


This issue has been come across to us since we were in primary school. As a student, what is our responsibility? How to be a good model as a student? Does anyone of my friends here ever think of it? From this few article, I get some inspirations and motivations of being a good student and also get to know more about a student responsibility. So now, I would like share about this with all my friends here.

“Irresponsible students diminish our collective academic life!” I’m strongly agree with statement. For an example, a high number of irresponsible students who are rude and undisciplined can drag a class down to its lowest common denominator. In this case, the erosion of an academic ethos of an institution can lead to a culture that is stagnant, divisive and anti-intellectual.

A student is actually carrying quite heavy burden. As a student, we are responsible for knowing and adhering to the policies and procedures outlined in our school in order to be a disciplined student. Next, we should always be responsible to the task given to us. Try to finish it on time and fulfill the entire task given. Nevertheless, we should always apply good attitude in class whether to the lecturers or coursemates. We should always be polite, friendly and helpful as a responsible student.

Student life is characterised by a change in status and corresponds to a period of identity construction that can be assimilated with a process of autonomisation and socialisation". In short, student responsibility is the key to all development and learning. Responsible student will success in their future life and this directly help in our country development. Let us all be a responsible student and help in the contribution to the country in future!

More about student responsibility articles at:

Alice Chin Ko Swin (EA08059) said...


In nowadays, most of the country is focused more on the development of the country until neglected about the effects to our natural and environment. Therefore, all kind of disasters are now heading to our earth! For example, haze, flood, depletion of ozone layer which cause more UV light explored to our earth and so on… In this case, deforestation is now playing an important role to prevent all this disaster.

Deforestation is the conversion of forested areas to non-forested land. In other words, deforestation results from the removal of tress without sufficient reforestation and plans and thus decline the habitat, biodiversity and the quality of life. What make deforestation so important? Trees improve the quality of the air that species breathe by trapping carbon and other particles produced by pollution. Besides, trees are also the main producer of oxygen. Human cannot live on this earth without oxygen. On the other hand, trees determine rainfall and replenish the atmosphere.

Overpopulation in cities and developing countries are now facing trouble of deforestation. Population is continually growing in the third world. In nutshell, it’s not an easy task to handle the causes of the deforestation. It will cost a lot in the progress and the most important thing is the cooperation from all the citizens on the earth. Everyone should hold hands together to contribute in the deforestation and meanwhile “SAVE OUR EARTH”!

News of deforestation at:

Alice Chin Ko Swin (EA08059) said...


This is a Disney production movie which released on 31st December 2008 in our country. I had watch this movie and found that it was very interesting and enjoyable. I would like to share about this movie with all my friends here.

In this society, sometime we will find some hardship and cannot solve it by ourselves. When we rely on somebody else, we might get exploit by them. Therefore we need to trust them if we really want their help. The main character in this movie is using his nephew bedtime stories to change his future as he faces a lot of trouble caused by his manager and the stories always become true at the next day.

It might not be realistic enough to be practice in our life but we can take the history as an example to improve our lifestyle. What I can see from the movie is that the main character-Skeeter has the determination although his late father’s motel was taken over by Mr. Nottingham. Why say so? It is because he still works in the hotel to wait for the manager’s post for several tenth years although it doesn’t appear to be true as Mr. Nottingham is a wicked businessman who doesn’t keep the promise.

Every movie that we watched definitely has the moral value which we can practice it every day. In this movie, it teaches us that there are many types of human as they have different personalities in this society. We should observe carefully people around us to avoid getting cheated.

For its synopsis can refer:

Alice Chin Ko Swin (EA08059) said...


In this 21st century, car accident rate is increasing tremendously with the high population in the world. Everyday once we open the newspaper, we will often shocked by the news of terrible car accident. Recently, an accident had been happened just at the way of bus stop heading to the middle gateway of UMP. A female UMP student had been taken by the ghost in the accident.

Some survey has been conducted and found out that most of the accident occurs due to reckless driving, insufficient facilities like road sign and parking space and damaged roadway. Reckless driving is the main practices of the drivers nowadays in Malaysia. Why? For example, In Kuala Lumpur, there are a lots of highways which enable the drivers to drive as fast as their like. When speeding, they can hardly notice those cars beside them and those who want to overtake their vehicle, especially those motorists. Once they notice it, it might be too late already.

The other reason to increase the accident rate is damaged road sign. Drivers usually drive based on the road sign which located beside the road. Once it is damaged, they cannot intemperate the road correctly such as they want to turn left when comes to cross junction but they don’t know whether can turn when exit is clear or not. The arrows draw on the surface of the road is unclear which gives drivers a lot of troubles. Damaged roadway also contributes to the increase in accident rate. With bumpy road in the highways will caused the bypass car over steer and lost control, end up collide with the road divider or with the car from the opposite road.

In short, accident occurred mostly because of the drivers themselves. As long as they obey all the rules and regulation, eventually the accident rate will be decreased. Meanwhile, in the middle of highway which connect a school or colleges to a bus stop should built up an over bridge for safety purposes.

News at:

ChongSoonWoei(EA08098) said...

Taiwan hands out shopping coupons

TAIPEI: - With the Year of the Ox only a week or so away, the government spread festive cheer yesterday by handing out shopping vouchers to the island's 23million citizens.

What a good new is it! When will this happening in Malaysia??? During the economy crisis, many had lost their income in Johor Bahru due to the layoff issue in Singapore. Many of them were decided not to celebrate this coming Chinese New Year due to no extra money for celebrate it. How sad...(T.T)

I think taiwan government made a good decidion. It is because while people are starting live in poor, they will reduce their spending. Then, it will affect all the seller business. No business mean no more production. No production mean no more job for worker. Then jobless workers will start to kick out by company la...After that, population of unemployed will keep raising and a worst situation will appear on that time.

So, to avoid worst happening, it must start from the source. Hope that one day, a news "Annaul Allowance Start" will come out on newspaper a month before different race's new year for each race people to prepare neccesary things for their new year.

Alice Chin Ko Swin (EA08059) said...

Child Sexual Abuse

Child Sexual Abuse? This issue never comes across to my mind when I was a child until I get to know the news at my teenage life. Remember the first time I saw the regarding news, I was very shocked. How dare they abuse sexually on kids? It is really an immorality and cruel act! In other ways, it is also shows that how poor is our level of serenity in nowadays.

Child sexual abuse is defined as the sexual acts towards children by the adults. In addition to direct sexual contact, child sexual abuse also occurs when an adult indecently exposes their genitalia to a child, asks or pressures a child to engage in sexual activities, displays pornography to a child, or uses a child to produce child pornography. As their children grow up later, they will face a lot of problems where they feel unsecure to have relationship with the others. Parental incent will let their children suffer a long term psychological trauma, which can hardly be cured. Under the civil law, child sexual abuse is categorized as a crime and it isn’t a normal social practice for us.

In conclusion, hopefully the adult will think in advance and give counseling to their children to avoid this crime continues. A modernize and harmony society should not let this kind of cruel act keep happening! We should strive to find out efficient ways to solve this problem. Return a normal life to a child which let them undergo the childhood life that they supposed to enjoy.


Our world now faces with big problem which is water pollution. Water pollution happened when toxic substances enter lakes, streams, rivers, and oceans they get dissolved in water. These results in the pollution of water are the quality of the water deteriorates, affecting aquatic ecosystems. Pollutants can also seep down and affect the groundwater deposits.

Water pollution has many sources. The most polluting of them are the city sewage and industrial waste discharged into the rivers. Presently, only about 10% of the waste water generated is treated. So, I want to discuss about domestic sewage that course the pollutant. Domestic sewage refers to waste water that is discarded from household. It amounts is large by volume of the sewage. It contains impurities such as organic materials and plant nutrients. Food and vegetable waste are organic materials, and plant nutrient come from chemical soaps, and washing powders. Domestic sewage is also very likely to contain disease-causing microbes. If this problem continues, one day, domestic sewage can be main factor of water pollutant.

I agree with this article. As I see today, many people dump their garbage into streams, lakes, rivers, and seas. The various substances that we use for keeping our houses clean add to water pollution as they contain harmful chemicals. Most of today’s cleaning products are synthetic detergents and come from the petrochemical industry. Most detergents and washing powders contain phosphates, which are used to soften the water among other things. These and other chemicals contained in washing powders affect the health of all forms of life in the water. I have noticed that, in the past, people mostly used soaps made from animal and vegetable fat for all types of washing. That why there are no pollutants. May be should followed them to save our river.


hi everyone!
The advantages and disadvantages of television.

Nowadays,we can see that every home have their own tv.It shows us that tv have their own benefit to us.

For example,we can get an information as soon as possible like what actually happen in our world.We can get this information without go to that country.

Besides that,it also have an entertaiment.We can watch it during our free time and also can help us to reduce our stress.

But,it also have disadvantages.
For example,it can effect our eye and nerves if we watching too much.

It also can influence us to do a bad thing like bad attitude.

In my opinion,its depend on us how to judge it.We can choose either want to watch a good one or a bad one.

For more information,you can search at is the advantage of television

Thank you.

Nur Shahida bt Nawi (EA08112) said...

hello everyone!
i know it's a bit late for me to post a comment on January. I'm so sorry.
here,i want to give some way for you all on how to cope stress. I know all of you get more stress this week. is it correct?
Assignment,quizzes,test,presentation... it all happens on this week. I don't know why. Actually,i also getting stress. Very stress!
How to cope stress?
First, you must learn to relax. try not to be panic instead be calm.
second, exercise regularly. Your body can fight stress better when it is can jogging or walk around UMP to get air fresh and you also can exercise in Sport Arena.
Third, eat well-balanced meals.
Lastly, rest and sleep. Your body needs time ti recover from stressful events.
that's all. I hope you can follow this and you will not getting stress anymore.
Good luck! Have a nice day.

wan nur farhanah ea08033 said...

mom's love

Mama,mummy,umi,ibu or mak...Have you thinks about their feeling?let thinks togather and pray for her happiness.
Since we were born,we always give her trouble and disturbs her work.When we were starts to walk,she was the most excited person to buy shoes for us but how we apreciate it?walking without shoes and ran away when she called...she made all meals with care and love but we just thrown it away.
When we were a student, she warned us not to waste our time on tv and games but we thanked her by hoping that she always not at home.
How terrible we are....
when we are teen,we got a special boyfriend or girlfriend,she asked for the good one,but some of us reply it with "its none of your business".One day, if she fell ill and need to take care of her,please my friends....Never and ever thanked her by saying "you are a burden to me!!!".
Thanks God if she is still around but thinks for a while,what happen if we have no mom.....Always remember to love our mother,
because we only have one mother in our lifetime.

lee how cheh(ea08043) said...

Electric scooters on our roads soon! Yes! you heard it right.This
invention is revealed through The Star newspaper on 13 February 2009. One interesting thing about these machines are completely pollution-free and need not worry about the petrol prices. This invention shows that Malaysian is also taking their part in developing the technolgy by their own. It is a good course as this will increase the competency of Malaysia as to compared to other technolgy country such as Japan and Germany. Creativity and innovation can be sharpen to produce more and more quality and useful production.

We are the engineering students and aren't we suppose to take this responsibility too. For me, this is a sure that we must take. The future creation is up to us and for that course, we need to be more knowledgable and open minded. Pay more attention to the ever changing technology field and be ready to contribute to the technolgy world by builing up our basic knowledge in engineering. A good and firm basis will make sure a good invention in years too come. Think and be ready too make a boost in the technolgy world.

ChongSoonWoei(EA08098) said...

JB robbery and rape suspect nabbed

JOHOR BARU - ONE of the four men suspected of robbing a mechanic and gang-raping his waitress girlfriend in Pasir Gudang has been arrested, sources said yesterday.

I think the police in malaysia need to do better if they love to do a good policeman and it is the time for the government to do something. JB's security really bad at this moment...Shocking, sometimes you will been ask that"Any experience of robbed for you?"People will congrate you because you are still survive and become a local Jbrian. Somemore, you will been scold by some officer during you report the case due to having those valuable things and made the robbery happen. What an odd situation for those not in the knows.

A special situation whe you entrance jb is that you can see most of the resident area are in surrounded. There are no more trust between resident and policeman. Can not imaging that if there are still investor interest to the Iskandar Development. For region's prospects, i think that more serious punishments ought to be meted out to ensure that there are less of such cases in future. And for those who are decide to go jb, please bring a personal alarm to avoid something bad happen.

Nur Shahida bt Nawi (EA08112) said...

Did you have best friend?
who are your best friend?
lets think for moment.
" A true friend is someone who knows there's something wrong even you have the biggest smile on your face".
Do you agree with me? are your best friend like this?
we can find friend anywhere and everywhere. But, its harder for us to find a best friend. I still remembered what my friend told me when we at secondary school 3 years ago. She ask me that "who is your best friend?". im silent. do not know to answer it. what should i do? who is my best friend? i'm really don't know. And now, i'm still don't know who is my best friend.
"If all my friends were to jump off a bridge, I would not follow, I would be at the bottom to catch them when they fall". it is a real best friend.

source :

Heng Poh Xuan(EA08088) said...

Nice to see you all again. Spaghetti!! Who doesn’t love it ?? Undeniable, I love spaghetti so much.
Let me intro some about spaghetti. Spaghetti is a long, thin cylindrical pasta of Italian origin and made of semolina and wate. The spaghetti usually mix with variety of source for example tomato, cheese , pepper, garlic, meat and so on ,depend on what you like. You know how to cook spaghetti? Let me share with you on how to cook spaghetti.

First, add 1 tablespoon salt or olive oil into 3 quarts rapidly boiling water. Then, drop 1 package spaghetti into water gradually so water keeps boiling. As they soften, gradually coil them around until submerged. And remember that cook, uncovered, at fast boil, stirring occasionally with long fork to prevent sticking. Finally, toss with 3 tablespoon butter or sauce to prevent strands sticking together.

This just a little bit information that I can share with you all. The details you all can drop to this website : That all. Thanks.

wan nur farhanah ea08033 said...

In need of friends.That is the title of one article that i had read.This man said that he always getting worried about his son who lack of a basic human need,friends.
His son was diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety disorder.
In my point of view,his son's friends should give their support and care when they know about the illness,not to leave him alone like that.Because of has no friends in his surrounding,he will have social life problem soon.He really really needs friend and as a father,he also can be his son's friend.Besides,his father should give more attention to his special son as he really need a person to share his cry and laugh togather.To find a friends,the age is nothing to think about.As long as we can share everythings togather,that's enough...


Today i want to share a story.
the title of the story is,Trees That Wood.
Once,there were two trees on a hill in the woods. They were discussing their dreams. The first tree said, "Someday I like to be a treasure chest that could be filled with gold, silver and precious gems and everyone would see the beauty."
Then the second tree said, "Someday I will be a mighty ship take kings and queens across the waters and sail to the corners of the world. Everyone will feel the strength of my hull."
After a few years, a group of woodsmen came upon the trees. When one came to the first tree he said, "This looks like a strong tree, I think I should be able to sell the wood to a carpenter". The tree was happy, because he knew that the carpenter would make him into a treasure chest.
At the second tree a woodsman said, "This looks like a strong tree, I should be able to sell it to the shipyard." The second tree was happy because he knew he was on his way to becoming a mighty ship.
When the first tree arrived at the carpenters, he was made into a feed box for animals. He was then placed in a barn and filled with hay. This was not at all what he had prayed for. The second tree was cut and made into a small fishing boat. His dreams of being a mighty ship and carrying kings had come to an end. The years went by, and the trees forgot about their dreams.
Then one day, a man and woman came to the barn. She gave birth and they placed the baby in the hay in the feed box that was made from the first tree. The man wished that he could have made a crib for the baby, but this manger would have to do. The tree could feel the importance of this event and knew that it had held the greatest treasure of all time.
Years later, a group of men got in the fishing boat made from the second tree. One of them was tired and went to sleep. While they were out on the water, a great storm arose and the tree didn't think it was strong enough to keep the men safe. The men woke the sleeping man, and he stood and said "Peace" and the storm stopped. At this time, the tree knew that it had carried the King of Kings in its boat.

The moral of this story is that when things don't seem to be going your way, always know that God has a plan for you. If you place your trust in Him, He will give you great gifts. Each of the trees got what they wanted, just not in the way they had imagined. We don't always know what God's plans are for us. We just know that His ways are not our ways, but His ways are always best.


I like to share a story that I read in the internet. It is about an author, Elbert Hubbard told the story of an incident during the Spanish-American War. It was imperative that the president get a message to the leader of the insurgents. His name was Garcia and he was known to fighting somewhere in the mountains of Cuba, but no mail or telegraph could reach him. Someone said, "There's a fellow by the name of Rowan who will find Garcia for you if anybody can."
Rowan took the letter without hesitation. He sealed it in a leather pouch strapped over his heart. He landed in the dark of night off the coast of Cuba and make his way to the mountains, and after so much difficulty he had, he found Garcia. He handed him the letter, turned around and headed home. the author tells this story in "A Letter to Garcia." Rowan didn't ask, "Exactly where is he?" or "I doubt if I can do it." There was a job to be done and he did it.
As a conclusion, instead of making a dozen excuses why you can't complete the task, think about Rowan. Deliver the goods..!

By Neil Eskelin/Elbert Hubbard



Hye everyone...!!!

Here I want to share about the advantages of study group. We know that study group is one of the ways to discuss about our study with our group members which is give us a lot of advantages. Firstly, it gives chance to us to get our questions answered about confusing or difficult course material. For example, some members of the group will understand some of the material, and the rest members will better understand different material. Besides that, we also can improve our learning problem-solving skills. All members will learn the skills necessary to solve any type of problems. Study group also teach us how to learn teamwork skills and directly can make our relations closely between group members. For example, we will work in group together to improve our knowledge like discuss some materials which do not understand.

In my opinion, I think study group is the best way to us especially for students like us to make our study more better because it gives many advantages for us.

For more information:

Nur Shahida bt Nawi (EA08112) said...

What is 'asthma'? is it for eat? or fruits? i suspect that maybe you know what it is.
it is a disease or we can say chronic disease. It involve the respiratory system in which the constrict, become inflamed and are lined with excessive amounts of mucus.
how it start happen?
when we go to the hospital or clinic, the first question doctor will ask their patient is ; "did your parents have this disease?" Actually asthma is caused by a complex interaction of environmental and genetic factors.
Environmental factor?
like smoke, cold or warm air, perfume, pet dander, or emotional stress.
genetic factor?
Asthma is a collection of several diseases, and genes generation have a role in subsets of asthma.
asthma can usually be controlled with a combination of drugs and environmental changes. or traditional treatment like honeybee.
source :


Did you know that an eagle knows when a storm is approaching long before it breaks?
The eagle will fly to some high spot and wait for the winds to come. When the storm hits, it sets its wings so that the wind will pick it up and lift it above the storm. While the storm rages below, the eagle is soaring above it.
The eagle does not escape the storm. It simply uses the storm to lift it higher. It rises on the winds that bring the storm.
When the "storms of life" come upon us and all of us will experience them, we can rise above them by setting our minds and our belief toward God. The storms do not have to overcome us. We can allow God's power to lift us above them.
God enables us to ride the winds of the storm that bring sickness, tragedy, failure and disappointment in our lives. We can soar above the storm.
Remember, it is not the burdens of life that weigh us down, it is how we handle them.

As the conclusion, we need to prepare for our life in the way of going through it. We need to make a plan that can manage ourself for a better life in the future.

lee how cheh (ea08043) said...

Good day everyone.This is what i come across from my fren's blog. It is kind of a poem where it reflects us with how we behave and treat our parents.This is the poem

When you are old..

When you are old...

~The day that you see me old, and i'm already not, have patience and try to understand me.

~If i get dirty when eating, if i cannot dress...have patience, remember the hours when i spent teaching it to you.

~If, when i speak to you, i repeat the same things thousand of times, do not interrupt me, and listen to me...when you were...when i do not want to...

~When you see me ignorance on new technologies, give me the necessary time and not look at me with your mocking smile.

~I taught you how to do so many things, to eat good, to dress well, to confront life...when at some moment, I lose my memory or the thread of our conversation...let me have the necessary time to remember...and if i cannot do it, do not become the most important thing is not my conversation but surely to be with you and to have you listening to me...

~And when my tired legs not allow me to walk, give me your hand, the same way i did when you gave me your first step.

~And when someday, when i say to you that i do not want to live anymore, that i want to die, do not get angry, someday you will understand.

~Try to understand that my age i not lived but survived.

After reading this blog posted by my friend, i really feel guilty to what i did in the past. The way i talk and behave to my parents sometimes is realy over the limit. Why i cant be more considerate and understanding?? And why cant i be more passion when talking to them?
hmmm....What i have express seems familiar with some of you all right? I am sure you are. Although we often know that our acts is out from the boundary but we tend to repeat it. Why not we control ourselves? Why not we think of them before we speak up? I do feel regret on what i did in the past.I will change to be a better person and i hope so do you all.

lee how cheh(ea08043) said...

A perfect life. This is a blog posted by me on my own blog( and i decided to bring it here to share with you all about my thought on a perfect life.Is wonderful world really exist? Is Perfection really happens in life?

I have no answer for neither one of them. What i have in mind is just nothing.Nothing.Yes! i mean NOTHING.

Life is not just about what you want what you get but something that is unexpected. We cant promise where we are in the next second as for just a tick of a second,we might be in another place called heaven.Nothing is wonderful, nothing is perfect.
What i know is we meet different kind of people.We meet different kind of situation and most importantly we meet different conflicts in between ourselves. Only one solution to these differences exist,that is myself. For other to change for you is impossible but to change ourselves to follow the flow of changes is much more easier than before.

What we sacrifice and what we did might seems to be great and unvaluable to ourselves but for some that was all rubbish, unvaluable and totally nothing!
so, what can we do?
waiting for miracle?
hoping and praying?
sitting and thinking?
looking and rolling?
Useless! useless and meaningless.
To hide yourself from the problem is just nothing but a GREAT COWARD
as nothing can be solve by that.
Keep reminding yourselves? no.
That will only be a burden for you.
Just let the time pass and sooner or later you will finally found the peace of life.
Someone that appreciate you, something that makes a different in you, somehow give a spark in your life and this is the time where wonderful and perfect world comes to yourlife.

To own the perfect world is nothing but getting to the route in reaching for the perfect world is the most perfect things that we get in life. Cherish every single moment in life, cherish your surrounding and cherish yourselves.

Nur Shahida bt Nawi (EA08112) said...


The Pasir Gudang International Kite Festival has been exposing the younger generation to traditional and modern forms of kite-making. Malaysian Kite Flying Council deputy president Hussin Haron said that, "There are two types of workshops held at the festival, one on traditional wau and another on modern kites. The council also conducts regular workshops for children and adults throughout the year".
From this statement, we know that this activities cannot be held if there are not someone who volunteer to conduct this. The supporting from other organise must be appreciate to let the younger generation know about it. This festival was participating by 166 Malaysian kite-flyers and makers, 240 pupils from 18 schools and it also was taking part from 26 countries. This activities must be go on.
source : new straits times/2009/02/21

Goh Swee Tian(EA08100) said...

I just read article about the diabetes from
From that article ,white flour,white salt ,tea , and coffee is the main reason that causes diabetes.Excessive use of salt can puts extra burden on the kidneys .It may cause high blood pressure, which is closely link to diabetes.On the other hand,white flour used in processed food for delicious taste.White flour is very harmful that can colossal loss of vitamin and mineral in refined wheat flour lead to widespread prevalence of constipation ,particularly diabetes.White salt is a major factor in maintaining the acid base equilibrium of the body.Taking extra of white salt will causes the same effect with flour.It can causes high blood pressure that link to diabetes.Moreover, tea and coffee also is a serious hazard for the diabetes.Tea and coffee had caffeine that contain alkaloid.Caffeine can stimulates the central nervous system.they also increase the blood sugar level ,which can lead to diabetes.
after read that article,it is important for us to choose food when hungry.Food that contain high quantity of white salt ,white flour ,coffee and tea.On weekday ,most of us eat bread ,tea or coffee as breakfast .Is is very risky because bread contain high quality of white flour and coffee contain caffeine.Try to minimize the present of diabetes by clever choose food when hungry.As my friend say an apple a day keep doctors away.So please take care our healthy by eat healthy.

Heng Poh Xuan(EA08088) said...

Hi! There was undeniable that I’m very interested in articles regarded the medical information. So, now, again I want to share with you all about the best food for your heart. There are ten foods I want introduce.
1) Oatmeal – which are full of omega-3 fatty acids, folate, and potassium. This fiber- rich food can lower levels of LDL(or bad) cholesterol and help keep arteries.
2) Salmon – super-rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Can reduce blood pressure and keep clotting at bay.
3) Avocado – Packed with monounsaturated fat. Can help lower LDL levels while raising the amount of HDL cholesterol in your body.
4) Olive oil – Full of monounsaturated fats. Functions as lowers bad LDL cholesterol and reduces your risk of developing heart disease.
5) Nuts – Full of omega-3s fatty acids and mono- and polyunsaturated fats. Increase fiber in diet
6) Berries – Full of anti-inflammatories, which reduce your risk of heart disease and cancer.
7) Legumes – Packed with omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, and soluble fiber.
8) Spinach – Stores of lutein, folate, potassium, and fiber.
9) Flaxseed – Full of fiber and omega-3 and omega-6.
10) Soy – Low in saturated fat. Can lower cholesterol
In my opinion, as a human being, you are responsible to take good care of your heart. But now a days, we can see that most of us consumed high cholesterol and high salt in diet, smoking, drinking alcohol, pressure and so on which increase the rate of cardiovascular disease ,by the way also raise the rate of death . So, start from now had a healthy diet, exercise more can make your heart more stronger, and always keep in happy mood. That’s all.

chouyonglee(EA08101) said...

"Theft suspect nearly killed"

A suspect snatch theft almost killed by an angry mob that set on him with sticks and plastic chairs along jalan tok hakim here on sunday night.This incident happened because the suspect snatch theft had snatch a woman's handbag.Fortunately this incident was stopped by a guard who disagree the mob take the law into their hand.If not,the theft would have been beaten to death.Then,the suspect theft was sent to the raja perempuan || hospital for treatment.

in my opinion,The government should take a widely actions to against the snatch theft.This is because many people especially woman was hurt and even killed by the snatch theft.

norazura abdul halim (ea08138) said...

I'm sure that all of us love our mother right? So, please appreciate our mother when they are still alive.Here, i would like to share with you about a mother's day story that i read from

A long time ago, there was a man stopped at a flower shop to order some flowers to be wired to his mother who lived two miles away.When he walked out from the shop, he saw a girl sobbing alone.He was told by the girl that she had no money to buy a rose for her mother.The man took the girl to the flower shop and paid for a rose that the girl chose.Then, he offered a rode for the girl to her mother's house.The girl agreed and she asked the man to take her to the cemetery.Next, the girl put a rose on her mother's grave.The man was touched and he turned to the flower shop to cancel his wire order.Finally, he picked up a bouquet of rose and drove for two hundred miles to his mother's house.


For today comment, I want to share the story of a bad temper person.

There once was a little boy who had a bad temper. His father gave him a bag of nails and told him that every time he lost his temper, he must hammer a nail into the back of a fence.
The first day, the boy had driven 37 nails into the fence. Over the next few weeks, as he learned to control his anger, the number of nails hammered daily gradually decreasing. He discovered it was easier to hold his temper than to drive those nails into the fence.
Finally, the day came when the boy didn't lose his temper at all. He told his father about it and the father suggested that the boy now pull out one nail for each day that he was able to hold his temper. The days passed and the boy was finally able to tell his father that all the nails were gone.
The father took his son by the hand and led him to the fence. He said, "You have done well, my son, but look at the holes in the fence. The fence will never be the same. When you say things in anger, they leave a scar just like this one. You can put a knife in a man and draw it out. It won't matter how many times you say I'm sorry the wound is still there. A verbal wound is as bad as a physical one."

This story have give us a good point of view that anger cannot be erase just by saying sorry, but it will last forever in the heart of a person. As a person, we actually cannot run from being anger or mad but if you want to be a good person try to avoid from it. Just think that all of the anger will cause a bad consequences if you let it control yourself. so, try to control your anger and just let the anger go away if it comes.


chouyonglee(EA08101) said...

How to write time properly

Today i am going to share what i have reading.It is ridiculous to write,say,5.15pm as 05.15pm.When a zero precedes the second digit,it denotes time from 12.00am until the figure changes to 01 when it is 1.00am until 12noon.Thereafter,it is 13 for 1.00pm and so on until 23 when it is 11pm.The 24-hour format is written without a decimal and "am" and "pm" in all cases.And that is the cardinal rule.Under the circumstances,it looks silly when it is written 09.00pm,07.40pm,etc,instead of a plain 9pm or 7.40pm.You can even see such anomaly on your own computers when we adjust the date and time.The 24-hour format was essentially used for precise timekeeping,especially in the armed and police forces,hospitals,trains and flights and other important services where time is of essence.

The purpose i post this article is want to remind and teach yr guys how to write time properly.It is shame if we do not know write time properly.


Here is a short story that i have read. The title of the short storiy is Love and Time.

Once upon a time, there was an island where all the feelings lived: Happiness, Sadness, Knowledge, and all of the others, including Love. One day it was announced to the feelings that the island would sink, so all constructed boats and left. Except for Love.

Love was the the only one who stayed. Love wanted to hold out until the last possible moment.When the island had almost sunk, Love decided to ask for help.
Richness was passing by Love in a grand boat. Love said,
"Richness, can you take me with you?"
Richness answered, "No, I can't. There is a lot of gold and silver in my boat. There is no place here for you."
Love decided to ask Vanity who was also passing by in a beautiful vessel. "Vanity, please help me!"
"I can't help you, Love. You are all wet and might damage my boat," Vanity answered.
Sadness was close by so Love asked, "Sadness, let me go with you."
"Oh . . . Love, I am so sad that I need to be by myself!"
Happiness passed by Love, too, but she was so happy that she did not even hear when Love called her.
Suddenly, there was a voice, "Come, Love, I will take you." It was an elder. So blessed and overjoyed, Love even forgot to ask the elder where they were going. When they arrived at dry land, the elder went her own way. Realizing how much was owed the elder,
Love asked Knowledge, another elder, "Who Helped me?"
"It was Time," Knowledge answered.
"Time?" asked Love. "But why did Time help me?"
Knowledge smiled with deep wisdom and answered, "Because only Time is capable of understanding how valuable Love is."

For the coclusion, this story shown that only Time can help Love. This is because only time that can understand love better. Without time, someone maybe could not feel or taste the power of love. Love can only be reached withn time because in time to time people will get to know each other better and can go along with it without hesitation. So, we need to appriciate times more.


Heng Poh Xuan(EA08088) said...

Hey ,guys! Don’t know all of you got heard the topic about how to protect your ears? As we know, we can always hear about how to take care ours skin, eyes, mouth and others part of our body, but very seldom heard that protect our ears. Ears also one of our body’s part, its functions almost same with mouth that is use to communication. If one days, you loss your ability to hear the sound around , that mean you also loss the ability to communicate with surrounding. So, still wait for what? Let we start from now protect our ears.
The ways to protect our ears are show below.
1. Try to stay away from places that are loud and noisy.
2. Limit your exposure to loud noise if you can’t avoid it.
3. Protective earmuffs come in handy especially when you are exposed to loud noise for long periods of time. Some earmuffs have amplification circuits that may help people with hearing impairment communicate better in noisy backgrounds.
4. Try not to “treat” your ears to loud music through your earphones on iPods or mp3 players.
5. If you use equipment that generate loud noise (jackhammers, drills, and yes, your hairdryer), choose quieter equipment or wear protective equipment when you are using it.
6. Seek treatment for ear infections and get your ears checked frequently if you are exposed to any of the risk factors of hearing loss.
Finally, I want to say that take good care to your ears if you still want listen the music you like, listen your beloved say ‘I love you’ to you, your child call you daddy/mummy,…that all.

Goh Swee Tian(EA08100) said...

Here some method to be better on public speaking from

-Before presentation understand what u want to say,who you want to tell and why they might want to listen
-Language is most important.Choose words and non verbal cues while keep audience in mind.Plan a beginning ,middle and ending.
-Timing is important.There is time to speak and silent.
-it is come to wording your message,less is more. Try to not overloading and bored your audience.Simplicity is the best.
-Keep your body language up-beat.Don't stay stuck at behind.
-Don't talk too fast.Less is more too.Pause are effective.
This are the important point during presentation.Try to enjoy and experience it.When you pratice more you will get more experience.The more experience you get the more comfident you will be.The speaker who is comfident with their material will make lasting memories impression on audience.

lee how cheh (ea08043) said...

Good morning everyone. Today,as early as in the morning i have come across an article about a great inventor, Max Wallack at the age of 12. Wow! He is amazing.

Wondering what is so great about him? Ok. Let me tell you all here. This little boy has made everyone proud of by stole the show at Design Squad’s Trash to Treasure contest with his “Home Dome.” The contest asked kids to repurpose trash into practical inventions. At the age of 12, his invention has reflects how far and how rational it is in his thinking. He has a great eco-conscious thinking where he can transform waste into something that is useable and presentable. What make me feel guilty is at the age of 20 , the question of what have i contribute for the environment? What have i did in making sure the environment is always protected and stay as it is?

Hmmmm...Most of us i believe that we are well reminded and expose on our responsibility in protecting the environment but we seems too busy to do our part. We tend to act stupid and with our ignorance. If a 12 years old boy can come out with such an idea out of trash, why not we? Reduce, reuse and recycle. These 3R are important to everyone of us. Please do our part.

Siti zubaidah Rajemi(EA08117) said...

Have you ever feel really tense and you want to talk with someone that can hear your problem and make you feel more comfortable.I always feel like that when i got problems.I just want to talk with someone although they might not give any advise but by listen it make me feel release. But sometimes my friends are also come to me to tell their problem. The problem now is am i are a good listener? Extend to that i'm surf internet and found the criteria of a good listener. From there i evaluate myself and found that although i' not as perfect as the criteria, but i still practise some of here i want to share with all of you.. There are the tips to be a good listener :
(1)place yourself in the others person's shoes
(2)create a condusive physical and mental space such as turn off handset and etc.
(3)stop talking
(4)follow and encourage the speaker with body language
(5)do not interrupt with what you think or feel about the topic being discussed
(6)wait for the person to open up
(7)be patient and respect pauses.

There are still a lot of advise you can use to improve yourself to become a good listener.if you feel like to read it you can read the article at

Siti zubaidah Rajemi(EA08117) said...

Have your ever experience any near death'm also not experience something like that also.
but i am really shocked when i read an article at Reader's Digest about experiencing a near death accident. It's all about Richard Hammond.Do you have any idea who he is?He is a host at Top Gear programme. Me and my brother are really like that programme.The programme is all about car and how good or fast the car is. The programme was really great.But i don't have any idea that he ever have experience about near death accident.It happened when he was trying to make a shot for the Top Gear show. He was going to ride a racing car,The Vampire that is his dream racing car since he was a kid.He was so excited to drive it.So when he drive it he speed the car and then all he knows that he had a bad injuries.He was in critical state because of damage at his brain.After a while, he woke up and didn't recognise his own wife. He act like a kid.He suffering from post traumatic amnesia.But now after more than a year, he can manage his own life and remember his own family.
It must be very scared to experience it.but thank God he was giving another chance to treasure the life again.After read the article, i think that i want to live my life to the fullest. so, whatever happened next, i won't regret my life although a bit.If you feel like want to read about that story too, you can read on Reader's Digest on April 2008.You can also borrow from me.


Hello everyone!

Before i proceed,i would like to ask you some question.Have you ever face the hair problems?I believe that some of you already face this problem because it can happen to anyone.

Actually,hair problems will happen because of diet and lifestyle.But,don't worry.Every problems has their solution.So,i will help you to overcome the hair problem.

(1) Use natural shampoo or soap to clean the hair.
(2) Do the exercise.It can growth our hair.
(3) Wash the hair with the coconut oil mixed lime-juice.Do it everyday because it is good to our hair.
(4) If we are on diet,please take more green leafy vegetables and more protein because the poor diet will be effect to our hair.

That's all from me.Hope after this,you will never face the hair problems again.

Siti zubaidah Rajemi(EA08117) said...

Today i feel really dissapoinnted with our political environment.Recently politic in our country are not in a situation that we can proud of. Everytime i read newspaper there is always has issues about our politician quarrel with each other. Don't they feel ashamed to the citizen to behave like uneducated people. They uppose to realise that they have to give good example to the citizen. There is no wrong in fighting for finding the truth but not by critize each other and use word that can cause an unhealthy situation. Other than doing like that, why don't they make a forum and discussed face to face and find the solution. It will not cause unhealthy situation but it look more like an educated way and other country also will respect our way to solve the problem.Don't always get the so full of ourself and don't need to accept the criticism and think that we always right than other people. That's only my opinion and other people also can have their own opinion.



What are the best calcium supplements on the market?

As we know,our bodies need calcium because it is an important mineral in our body.We will face many problems if our bodies don't have enough calcium.For example,osteoporosis.

So,to avoid having problems like this,we need calcium supplements.The recommended intake is 2,500 miligrams of calcium per day.We should remember that taking overdose of calcium will lead us to kidney stone formations,constipation,and also the absorption of iron and zinc from food.

To make sure that our body have enough calcium,we should eat the food that already provided enough calcium.For example,milk,yogurt,cheese,and green vegetables.

Besides,the best calcium source should be the those in compound form.The best choices of calcium is calcium nitrates and calcium carbonates.This is because this type of calcium is easy to find ,contain huge amounts of elemental calcium and the important things is it's easily digested.

Although we taking the calcium supplement,don't forget to take vitamin D also because it helps in calcium absorption.

So,that's all that i can write about the calcium.I hope after you read this,you get some knowledge about the calcium and you can benefit it.

Siti zubaidah Rajemi(EA08117) said...

Now i want to talk about friends.i'm sure all of you have friends.Who in this world don't have or need friends? If there is, i'm sure that the person is not normal.Why i said like that?because i think that although we have everything but we still have to depend on someone other than our own family.What is a friend ?What qualities of a good friends from your perspectives? For me,friends is someone that will always being with you in the hard and easy days in your life.They were there everytime when you need them. But i also be there for my friends whenever they need me. Friends are also the person who will comfort each other when having difficulties. An article that i read while surf internet is about qualities in being a good friends. The qualities are:
(1)Being honest with each other
(2)Be and love yourself.friend will respect and appreciate you if you become yourself.
(3)Forgive your friend when they hurt you because no one is perfect
(4)Be a giving friend and not expect anything else in return.
(5)Don't judge your friends because we did not know all of their detail life.
So i hope all of you can evaluate whether you are a good friends or not.Or maybe you have your own criteria of being a good friends. so it's all up to you but remember that 'what makes up a great friends is what you put into your friendship.


hello everyone!

Here, I want to share about friendship in our life. Nowadays, it is hard to find a good friend although we have many friends around us. We know that a good friend is a person who will always stay by our side during easy and difficult times and also will make our friendship never end.

Friendship? You know about friendship??? Friendship means a term used to denote co-operative and supportive behavior between two or more people. The value that are found in relationship are trust each other, the tendency to desire what is best for the other, honesty, mutual understanding, sympathy and empathy and also the other good values.

So, for me friendship is more important in our life because we can feel that the other person after our family always beside us during we are in easy or difficult time.

That's all from me...
For more information...

Siti zubaidah Rajemi(EA08117) said...

Recently, me an my friend eat's really delicious.I really like chocolate.I don't know why but everytime i feel down ,sad or stressed, i prefer to eat chocolate.
My friend said that chocolate will only make me fat.Are they true? I find an article from Reader's Digest on February 2008 says that chocolate is also a part of medicine.They can release of feel good endorphins in the brain.Beside chocolate alsohave the powerful antioxidants that guard against plaque build up in artery walls. it more antioxidants than green tea, an apple green and etc. Chocolate also a contain essential nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, niacin and riboflavin.Whether they can make us fat also is true if we don't limited our intake. so, we can eat chocolate but not too much. so, no wonder why i feel calm when i take chocolate while i'm stressed. so, if you all ever fell stress, go get some chocolate to regain your mood.



How to be confident???We know that we are human and have our flaws. Even if our physical appearance, unique personality, or social skills aren't that doesn't means for us to stop ourselves from being confident. We are beautiful inside and out, so we should love and always confident with ourselves unconditionally.

Here, i want to share about the steps to make ourselves be more confident in whatever we do.

1) make a list of special talents that we have
2) find our passion to enjoy our progress
3) choose someone close to us or someone famous as our role model
4) don't think about ourselves too much but focus more on making other people happy
5) accept compliments gratefully and take it to our heart and give positive respond
6) know that we have important things to say and do
7) take care of ourselves such as get enough exercise and eat a healthy diet
8) stick up for ourselves
9) celebrate our individuality
10) take action
11) we will need to work on our posture
12) make a conscious effort to smile often
13) make an eye contact when engaging in conversation with others
14) increase our confidence with shaking our hands such as pointing our fingers
15) put a little strut or swagger into our walk

From that steps above, I will make them as my way to practise myself be more confident in whatever I do.
That's all from me.

For more information to be more confident:

Siti zubaidah Rajemi(EA08117) said...

Currently i watch a movie title 'In her shoes' acted by Cameron Diaz. The story is about a girl that are too sosialize. she don't do any job.It's not that she is a lazy woman but she 's kind that messed up thing she's doing and always trouble her sister that work as a lawyer. One day, she have an affair with her sister's boyfriend and being chased out by her sister. While on her luck, she know that she's still have grandmother. Don't know where to go, she decide to go to her grandmother. There she works as a nurse at old folk's nursery. She has dyslexia and know to read by the help of the old man there. She changed herself and turn to a new leaf.while at the same time miss her sister. On the other hand, her sister got engaged with her new boyfriend. Because some misunderstanding, she got break. Her grandmother send her a letter and she go to her grandmother's house and found her sister. They forgive and forget on what happened and told about herself. They become closed again. she help her elder sister in her relationship and finish with happy ending.

What i want to highlight in this movie is that 'Blood is thicker than water.'I like this story because it all about relationship with your own family.No matter how mad you're with your brother or sister but in the end you will always forgive and forget what had happened.And you become close as a family again.This is the reality of life. we have to forgive and forget because we will feel calm when we forgive someone. Revenge only make us more suffer because we might think there is no place to loving anyone.Live to the fullest and make friends will make our life more worth.


New ways to sleep so it counts...

CAN’T SLEEP??? Here, I want to share you the ways to get an enough sleep from Reader’s Digest, January 2008 that I have been read by Lori Miller Kase. You may have tried any medication right. For example, you have to stay away from saboteurs like caffeine, alcohol and nicotine. Besides, you also heard it’s not wise to exercise too vigorously or eat too big a meal before have bedtime.

But, here experts offer some snooze tips you may not have heard before this:

1)Let go of your worries
-We know that anxieties often seem magnified in the still of the night. Dealing with them can help you to get sleepy. Why he said like that? he said like that because when you write down your worries, deadlines or to do before hitting the pillow can make them feel more manageable.

2)Redo your bedroom
-Make your bedroom more sleep-friendly. Move your bed to another wall if you get noise from an adjacent room which keeps you up. Besides, you can replace a sagging mattress and deflated pillows.

3)Cut the light at the night
-Avoid bright light which signals the brain to be alert, within two or three hours of bedtime or if you wake up during the night. Then, make sure your bed is out of the way of direct sunlight, moonlight or streetlights.

4)Follow the 20-minutes rule
-If you can’t fall asleep in about 20 minutes, whether at bedtime or after awakening in the night, you should go into another room and do something else until you get sleepy.

From that ways, may I will be practise myself to do it if I can’t fall asleep. Hope you also can take this ways for your daily life if you get that situation in your bedtime.


The ways to sharpen your brain...

SHARPEN YOUR BRAIN??? Last 2 days ago, I have read that ways from Reader’s Digest of January 2008. So, here I want to share you the ways to boost your brainpower.

First of all, you need improve your memory. Learn by heart a “to do” list of ten or more jobs for the day that incorporates a route. It could be your stroll to work, say, or the walk to the gym and also try to mentally link each job with one location.

Besides, boost your spatial awareness. For example, navigate your way round the house blindfold. Then, you should sit in a chair and mentally walk around your house and visualizing your every move. You also can do any way like put 12 objects on a tray and memorize their location, then get someone to move a few about. After that, you should guess which have been moved.

Crunch more numbers also one of the ways to sharp your brain. These exercise should do every day if want to get the best result. For example, you should add up your shopping in the queue before you pay, divide up bills when they come in, then estimate quantities of things you pass. After that, you should keep your nimble and always on the move with numerical teasers. That way can improve your mathematically acuity.

The last one to boost your brainpower is widen your word power. You should learn a new word everyday and use it often and also make up anagrams of words. These ways will improve your understanding of the true meaning of the words.

In my opinion, this way could be practice in our life if we want to boost our brainpower. That’s all from me... (^-^)


hi everyone!Do you have your confidence in yourself?I believe that maybe some of us have it,but i also believe that maybe some of us did'nt have it.That's the big problem actually.We need to be more confident every seconds,everytime and everyday.But,how we would be more confident if we don't have the confident in ourself?Don't worry about it.Here are the some of tips on how to appeared more confident.

-Smile.Have you ever heard that people says that if we smile to others,they will smile back to us.Thats the first strategy to appeared confident.With smile,people will look us as a person that have a high level of confidence in ourself.

-Have a good posture.Make sure that we sit and stand straight especially when we want to present something.

-Eye contact.Eye contact is the important thing when we want to be more confident.

-Dress well.People says that from dress,we can look more confident especially if we dress properly.

- Talk to people.Remember that,if we want talk to people,please use all of list above.

-Walk confidently.Don't walk around because it shows that we are afraid of something.

-Don't fidget.Please don't bite your nails,crack your knuckles,sway back and forth and other things that can shows that we are nervous.

In my opinion,there are not difficult to make us appeared more confident.It's all depend on us.So,take it easy.

Thank you.


Hello everyone!Do you always wake up early and do you like it?I know that not all of us really like to wake up early.But,in some situation,they have to wake up early.Actually,wake up early is good for our health and for our brain.But,why people are so lazy to wake up early?Maybe because they are not know what for they wake up early and how to wake up early.

Here are some simple tips to wake up early.

(1)Have a good reason to get up.
Before sleep,we should set our mind that we want to wake up early tomorrow and what for.

(2)Be productive in the mornings.

(3)Get enough sleep.
Enough sleep will help us to wake up early.

(3)No more another 10 mins.
I know that everyone is so familiar with this words.If someone wake up us,i'm sure that we should says "please give me another 10 mins" and then so on for next 10 mins.Please avoid this.

(4)Use an alarm clock
Place the alarm clock far from us which is we cannot reach it,but we still can hear it clearly.

(5)Remove the option completely.
Actually,we can wake up early if we have the activities in the morning.So,try to do more activities in the morning.

(6)Establish a stable routine.
It means that we should wake up early everyday,not just the day that we have to.

In my opinion,as a student,we should wake up early although we don't have class in the morning.If everyone can wake up early,there are no more students that skip the classes.So,the list above will help us to wake up early.


The ways to sharpen your brain...

SHARPEN YOUR BRAIN??? Last 2 days ago, I have read that ways from Reader’s Digest of January 2008. So, here I want to share you the ways to boost your brainpower.

First of all, you need improve your memory. Learn by heart a “to do” list of ten or more jobs for the day that incorporates a route. It could be your stroll to work, say, or the walk to the gym and also try to mentally link each job with one location.

Besides, boost your spatial awareness. For example, navigate your way round the house blindfold. Then, you should sit in a chair and mentally walk around your house and visualizing your every move. You also can do any way like put 12 objects on a tray and memorize their location, then get someone to move a few about. After that, you should guess which have been moved.

Crunch more numbers also one of the ways to sharp your brain. These exercise should do every day if want to get the best result. For example, you should add up your shopping in the queue before you pay, divide up bills when they come in, then estimate quantities of things you pass. After that, you should keep your nimble and always on the move with numerical teasers. That way can improve your mathematically acuity.

The last one to boost your brainpower is widen your word power. You should learn a new word everyday and use it often and also make up anagrams of words. These ways will improve your understanding of the true meaning of the words.

In my opinion, this way could be practice in our life if we want to boost our brainpower. That’s all from me... (^-^)


Hye everyone!!!
Study tips for kids and parents...

Here I want to share about the study tips for kids and parents. I know that we are still as a student but it just for
information only.


1)Listen and hear
-Meanings that the kids should pay attention for their teacher who teach them in front during their class. Besides, they also should take notes on the main ideas. If don’t understand something, they should make a note and ask someone to explain it to you.

2)Ace your homework
-They should use a planner to enter homework as soon as it’s assigned. Then, find the comfortable place to do homework and study.

3)Study effectively
-They can use Oxford’s SQR CRC method to study:
-Survey introductions, headings and summaries for main ideas.
-Question : “What do I hope to learn by reading this?”
-Read for details.
-Cover the work.
-Recite what you’ve just read.
-Check how well you have done.

Parents :

1)Help your children
-For example, parents should help their children to prepare a study schedule, and review it together every morning.

2)Create a special work environment
-This way to encourages best efforts and makes it easier for the children to get into study mood.

3)Get involved
-Parents should be a role model to shows them that school is important in our life.

So, from that information we can know how to study tips between kids and parents...Practice in your coming future right?...(^-^)


Hi guys!Do you have watched 'The another cinderella story'?Maybe some of you had watched it.Same with me.

Today,i would like to share with you the synopsis of this movie.It's about a girl that living with her stepmother and two stepsiblings.At first,her live is not happy like the other teenagers.Her family treat her like a maid.Everythings is on her shoulder.She need to do everything like washing clothes and also clean the house.But,her live change when she meet with her prince charming.They fall in love at the first sight.Beside that,they also share same hobby that is dance.Both of them really like dancing.From dancing also,their relationship become more stronger than before.But, the problems also come to them.This is because most of girls in their college like her boyfriend especially her siblings and her sibling's friend.

After facing many problems,finally they are happy and her stepmother get the punishment what she had done to her stepdaugter.

So,the moral values that we can get in this story is never to give up in our life.Like in this story,the girl never give up in her life although she never feel the love from her family.

So,hope you enjoy read my synopsis about 'The another cinderella story'.

Thank you.

lee how cheh (ea08043) said...

Sometimes, when attending lectures suddenly our mind float to another world of fantasy and totally have ourselves carried away by our thinking. What had happen around us seems not in our concern anymore. Do you know what is this called ? Daydreams is what we label to this kind of happenings. As for your information, daydreams are a form of imagination. when one is experiencing daydream, the person forms a mental image of a past experience or of a situation that he or she has never actually experienced. A daydream may be triggered by a situation, a memory, or a sensory input such as the sight, taste, smell, sound, touch. Normally, the daydreamer may use these mental pictures to escape from reality temporarily, to overcome a frustrating situation, or to satisfy hidden wishes. Almost all people daydream, although the frequency of daydreaming varies considerably from individual to individual.

When the daydreamer begins to confuse the mental images with reality, the daydream is called an hallucination. Daydreaming is generally not harmful, unless the daydreaming episodes interfere with activities of daily living. When the daydreamer's daily routine is disrupted-a driver misses an exit on the freeway continuously, or a student does not hear the teacher assigning homework-he or she may want to consider whether the daydreams are a symptom of a psychological problem.To know more about day dreaming , you can surf to this website.

Do be concern over daydream as it will floats you into the unrealistic world and only will hide you from facing the problems that you have encountered. Not only that, as we day dream we will waste the time that we use up. Every single second counts in life.

GohSweeTian(EA08100) said...

Here got example of outdoor air pollution from

Smog is the large scale of outdoor pollution.It is caused by chemical reactions between pollutants derived from different sources.For each city,the pollution maybe different.It is depending on the geographical location,temperature,wind ,and weather factor.Summer inversion are more likely to create smog.

Another consequence of outdoor air pollution is acid rain.The water will become acidic when sulfuric acid combine with droplets of water in the air.It is dangerous because it can change the chemistry of lake and stream.It also poison the soil.Acid rain can kill trees and harms animals, fish and other wildlife.

Nowadays, air pollution getting serious due to the increase of automobile exhaust and industrial emissions.Moreover it can threat human health.As a human being that live on earth we should protect it.We should not pollute our living place .I suggest that we should do something that will increase the pollution level in our place such as do not littering ,burn thing on open area.Hopefully we can save our earth.


Reasons to Smile

1. Smiling makes us attractive
We are drawn to people who smile. There is an attraction factor. We want to know a smiling person and figure out what is so good. Frowns(angry face), scowls(angry expression)e and grimaces all push people away ,but a smile draws them in.

2. Smiling changes our mood
Next time you are feeling down, try putting on a smile. There's a good chance you mood will change for the better. Smiling can trick the body into helping you change your mood.
3. Smiling is Contagious
When someone is smiling they lighten up the room, change the moods of others, and make things happier. A smiling person brings happiness with them. Smile lots and you will draw people to you.

4. Smiling Relieves Stress
Stress can really show up in our faces. Smiling helps to prevent us from looking tired, worn down, and overwhelmed. When you are stressed, take time to put on a smile. The stress should be reduced and you'll be better able to take action.

5. Smiling Boosts Your Immune System
Smiling helps the immune system to work better. When you smile, immune function improves possibly because you are more relaxed. revent the flu and colds by smiling.

6. Smiling Lowers Your Blood Pressure
When you smile, there is a measurable reduction in your blood pressure. Give it a try if you have a blood pressure monitor at home.
Sit for a few minutes, take a reading. Then smile for a minute and take another reading while still smiling. Do you notice a difference?

7. Smiling Releases Endorphins, Natural Pain Killers and Serotonin
Studies have shown that smiling releases endorphins, natural pain killers, and serotonin. Together these three make us feel good. Smiling is a natural drug.

8. Smiling Lifts the Face and Makes You Look Younger
The muscles we use to smile lift the face, making a person appear younger. Don't go for a face lift, just try smiling your way through the day! You’ll look younger and feel better.

9. Smiling Makes You Seem Successful
Smiling people appear more confident, are more likely to be promoted, and more likely to be approached. Put on a smile at meetings and appointments and people will react to you differently.

10. Smiling Helps You Stay Positive
Try this test: Smile. Now try to think of something negative without losing the smile. It's hard. When we smile our body is sending the rest of us a message that "Life is Good!" Stay away from depression, stress and worry by smiling.

Goh Swee Tian(EA08100) said...

Nothing is important then sleeping.Our mind is racing,going over everything that happened are some trick u can to sleep well.There also known as "Sleep Hygiene"It get from

-Sleep only when sleepy
This can reduce the time you are awake in bed
-If can't fall asleep within 20 minutes,get up and do something boring u
-Don't take naps
This can ensure you tired at bedtime.Try to sleep less than one hour before 3p.m
-Get up and go to bed same time every day
When your sleep cycle has regular rhythm, you will feel better
-Refrain from exercise at least 4 hours before bedtime
-Exercise in morning or early afternoon will not interface with sleep
-Develop sleep rituals
Is important to give your body cues that is time to slow down and sleep.listen to relax music,read something soothing for 15 minutes,have cup of caffeine free tea, do relaxation exercise.
-Stay away from caffeine,nicotine and alcohol at least 4-6 hours before bed
Caffeine and nicotine are same that can interfere ability to fall asleep.
-Take a hot bath 90 minute before bedtime
Hot bath can raise body temperature but it is drop in body temperature that may lead us feeling sleepy.
-Use sunlight to set your biological clock
As soon as get up, go outside and turn your face to the sun for 15 minutes.

there are the trick to get a good sleep.When some important event such as test ,movie maker,or presentation can make us stress and cant fall asleep.This situation always can seen in my school life.Here are some of the trick that you can use at any time u is useful for me .Hopefully u can use it.

norazura abdul halim (ea08138) said...

I like to read a book entitled Chicken Soup Of The Soul. Here, i would like to share the story that i just read from this book.

This story will make us to think and appreciate the life. This story begin when a man was walking along the beach. Suddenly, he found a lot of starfish were scattered on the beach. Most of the starfishes were still alive. Finally, he made a decision to help the starfishes. Without wasting a time, he picked up the starfish one by one and throw them back into the sea. A few minutes later, an old lady approached him and said, "what are you doing young man?".The man replied, "I'm trying to save these starfishes". The old lady felt weird and laughed. Then she said, "young man, you're just wasting your time. You cannot save all of these starfishes". The man stared at her and said "Eventhough i cannot save all of them but i still can save most of them". The old lady walked away from the beach with a lot of questions in her head.

So, if you're in this situation, are you willing to do the same things like the man?

norazura abdul halim (ea08138) said...

Wife is very important to a man.A man will feel that his life is incomplete without wife. Here, I would like to share about the story of four wives that I got from

There was a rich merchant who had four wives. He loved his fourth wife the most and treated her to delicacies. He also loved his third and second wives and treated them kindly. However, he didn’t love his first wife eventhough she always took care of him and always be his loyal partner. One day, when the merchant was going to die, he called all of his wives. He asked his wives whether they were willing to follow him and accompanied him to die. Then, the merchant was so sad when his first, second and third wives refuse to follow him. Suddenly, a voice called out “I’ll live with you and follow you wherever you go”. The merchant was so shocked because the voice come from his first wife. She was so skinny and almost like she suffered from malantrition. Then, the merchant said, “I’m so sorry because I should have taken much better care of you while I could have!”

So, the lesson that we can get from here is a man has to treat all of his wife fairly if he has more than one wife. So, if you don’t want your life face with a lot of problems, do not marriage more than one woman if you can’t afford to do so.

norazura abdul halim (ea08138) said...

Water versus cup. What is the symbolic of this title? Can you create a story of water versus cup? Here I would like to share with you the story about this title that I read from

This story begin when a group o adults visit their university lecturer. Then they started to talk about their work experience, life and finally the conversation turned into complaint about stress in work and life. The lecturer smiled and went into the kitchen and offered his student four cups of drinks. When all of the students had a cup in hand with water, the lecturer said, “ if you notice, all of the nice looking, expensive cups were taken up, leaving behind the plain and cheap ones. It is normal that you want the best for yourselves. What all you want is water, not the cup. Just like in life, if happiness is water, then the jobs, money and position in society are the cups. They are just tools to maintain happiness in life. If we only concentrate on the cups, we won’t have time to taste the water in it.”

Then, all of the students just nodded their heads after they heard the long explanation from their lecturer. They began to understand that stress in work is a normal condition in life.

norazura abdul halim (ea08138) said...

Do you know what are the difference between Islam and muslim? Actually, Islam and muslim are two different terms. Most of people especially non muslim quiet confussing between these two terms.

So, here I would like to give some explanations regarding these two terms that I just read from .Islam comes from the same root of the word “salam” meaning peace. Thus, the name of religion itself carries a deep spiritual meaning-true peace can be achieved through knowing Allah, obeying His commands and ensuring that all acts of worship are directed towards no one but Him. Then, muslim is one who submit to the will of Allah. Anyone, who has submitted to the will of Allah is considered a muslim. Hence, all of the prophets are also muslims.

From this explanation, hopefully people can be able to trace the differences between the words of Islam and muslim.

Anonymous said...

Mohd Shafizal Bin Isa

How to Be a Good Friend.
source from:

After finished read the article,i can state that friend is very important to everyone.Friend who person that can help us if we had some problem in our life.But nowadays,i think that really hard for us to find true friend.Some our friend always tried to take advantages or to cheat us.I had many experiences that i had cheat by my own friend.I feel very sad that thing happen to me.So,i hope that we will be true friend to our friend.Form the article, there are steps how to be a good friend.The steps are:

1 : Be real
2 : Be honest
3 : Be loyal
4 : Be respectful
5 : Watch out for your friend
6 : Pitch in for friends during times of crisis
7 : Give advice, add perspective
8 : Give your friend space
9 : Listen to them
10 : Don't be selfish
11 : Learn to share
12 : Live by the golden rule

Heng Poh Xuan(EA08088) said...

Good morning to everyone here. I think all of us sure want a healthy body. If we had a healthy body just can to fulfill everything that we want. So, the secret to a healthy body is simple and actually not too difficult. There are five ways to keep your body in shape, healthy, and strong.

1)Aerobic Exercise – The simplest way to meet this need is walking. Walking is the one of the best exercises for your body. Besides, jogging is also good if it doesn’t bother your knees. Both of them doesn’t need big investment. All you need is your sneakers, and maybe not even that if you walk on the beach. 30 minutes per day every day has been shown to be the optimal amount of exercise.

2) Stretching - An important age marker is your level of flexibility. Yoga is a terrific way to keep your body flexible. If you don’t have time for a full yoga session, try to make sure you do 5 minutes of stretching each day after your aerobic exercise. To ensure you get most areas of your body, try a sun salutation, some seated twists, and a hip opener.

3)Balancing - Balance, along with flexibility, is something that we lose with age. Practice this a little bit every day and you’ll be less likely to lose it. Yoga, again, is another great way to build and maintain balance. There are several yoga poses you could use to increase balance. Try one each day.

4)Strength Building - You can certainly join a gym and lift weights. But another less expensive option, which is just as good, is simply using the weight of your own body for resistance. The easiest way to do this is to do an hour of yoga a few times per week. If you don’t want to do yoga, you can do pilates or try the free online workout regimen prescribed by Dr. Roizen and Dr. Oz of “YOU: The Owner’s Manual.”
5)Deep Breathing - Your lymph system relies on the contraction of muscles and breathing to move the fluids of the lymph system around the body. The lymph system “has three interrelated functions: (1) removal of excess fluids from body tissues, (2) absorption of fatty acids and subsequent transport of fat, as chyle, to the circulatory system and, (3) production of immune cells. Aerobic exercise, yoga, are very suitable to have a deep breathing.

As a conclusion, to has a healthy body, exercise is a must and also should have a balance diet, and enough sleep. Besides, know to release the tension also very important, by this way any sickness can avoid from us. Thanks.

Heng Poh Xuan(EA08088) said...

Everyone sure will get into a bad mood sometimes. Include me, sometimes these moods will happen just when you don’t want them to and they can get in the way of doing what you want to do in the way that you want to do it. Here’s how to shake them off quickly so that you can get back your life.
1) Leave the room - Get a change of scene. Right now. Bad moods can be triggered by all kinds of things and often it’s something around you that ticked you off, and if you stay in the same environment it’ll continue to nag at you and play on your mind. Go to a new environment, surround yourself with different things, different people and different sensations and it’s easier for you to leave your bad mood behind you.
2) Give yourself a treat - When you’re in a bad mood it’s easy to look for things to fuel that bad mood or reinforce it. Why? Because you want to feel like your bad mood is valid, so you look for things to validate it and make it right.Break that habit by doing the opposite, no matter how strange it might feel. Watch a funny movie, play your favourite song, go for a walk in your local park, grab a coffee and a slice of pie in that great coffee shop. Do something that feels good and puts a smile on your face, and your bad mood will be history.
3)Have a BMW - When I’m in a coaching session with someone it’s pretty obvious if they’re in a bad mood. When that happens I say to them, “Right. You have 4 minutes to Bitch, Moan and Whine all you want. When the 4 minutes is up there’s no more moaning, deal?”. Then they let rip for 4 minutes.
4)Hit the gym - Physical exercise has a direct influence on our mood, and countless studies have shown that exercise releases endorphins and serotonin (the body’s pleasure chemicals) that positively affect your mood. Hitting the gym not only releases those feel-good chemicals, but it’s a great distraction, diverting your attention away from your bad mood and giving you something to do that occupies your body and mind.
So, still waiting for what? Let we shaking off all the bad mood and live in a happy life. Besides, you also can reduces your wrinkle if keep stay in happy mood and can look more youngest. Haha…happy always ya, my friends.

Goh Swee Tian(EA08100) said...

In university ,one semester got six month.But if minus all the holiday it is just about three month time we go to class study.It is important for student do study hard to get good result .However different people will have different style of study.Here got one article that may help us study well in our school life from

At school, get one book use to record daily homework or daily assignments.Copy the page number,item numbers or special directions the teacher may give.Try to use pocket homework as organizational tool .This folder can separate into two side,in and out.In is use on homework and out is for complete home.By this way,you can find any folder in that pocket homework.It can alter the efficient of study.

Study Time
-figure out schedule that work for you.
-decide which works best for you
-A good strategy is survey , question ,read and review.
Survey is notice the world in hold,italicized or underlined print .Then read the text.You will getting familiar what you read when connecting with what you know.
Question is to flip to the question at the end of chapter.Those are the most important facts.
Review can help you find the method to answer.Some question is difficult put some sticky note by the answer.It can help you find the answer on test.

Try to follow the instruction ,maybe you are hardworking but the way you study got some problem .You change it by refer here.Don let our parent dispointed .We must study hard but in the correct way.

Goh Swee Tian(EA08100) said...

Water is needed for human everyday .But can you confirm that that water you drink is totally clean and is safe to drink?? here are some factor that affecting the quality of water from

Microbial contaminants include various sorts of bacteria,parasites and cysts.Cysts is one off the factor that affecting the quality of water.The illness that they cause can be fatal to the elderly , infants, toddlers and those with dysfunctional immune systems.Cysts can only remove by filtration and its just can do at home.

Mineral content and heavy metal contamination.High mineral content affect the taste and heavy metals affect the safety.Reverse osmosis can reduce lead and other minerals.Ion exchange step can remove lead and copper while balancing mineral system.Ion exchange system is better than reverse osmosis .

Our body programmed to prefer chilled or cooler beverages. You may prefer the taste of a bottled beverage because you keep it in the fridge, but pure-water is actually tasteless. An Ion exchange step helps improve taste. Carbon does, too. But, some hazardous factors affecting the quality of water are tasteless.
Look for a high quality multi-step purifier that removes many contaminants and improve taste simultaneously and you'll be better off.

We drink water everyday,we must make sure that water we drink is totally safe for us to drink.So,please make sure drink water come from filtration process.Is more safety to our health.

ChunYuan(EA08076) said...

This is an article about the precautions and steps to be taken during fire occurred. Have anyone of you ever tried to get yourself in the situation of fire? I hope no and I hope that it won’t happen on any of you guys. Anyhow, steps for safety must be taken and must be known because in my experience, most of the fire actually are caused by the carelessness of the residence in the house, especially the children in the house that play with matches or fire. And another sad thing is that death during fire normally happened because the precautions are not taken and the planning is not good enough when fire happened. Windows locked with steel and locked door without key inside the house might be a good step to prevent the children from running here and there. Yet, it is the killer when the parents are not at home and the children can only cry in despair inside the house.

The article introduce to us about two main things, first is the fire precautions, and the second is the steps taken in case there is fire in the house. First has to make a plan of escape and mark out the available lanes to run when in case there is danger. Then, find a place and inform the family members about the place to gather when there is danger. The place should be easy to reach and safe from danger and even children can get there easily. This can let us check whether all family members have escaped from the house. Next, ensure that there is ladder near the windows. Having smoke detector is a good move and always ensures that there are no obstacles from the stairs, doorways and hallways. We should keep a fire extinguisher in our house. The article also teaches us how to do when fire breaks out and how to reduce the risk of fire.

In a conclusion, accidents cannot be foreseen and cannot be forecasted. We should prepare to face them before they happen. Without the correct precautions and the knowledge to help during fire, the victims will suffer badly and for sure the damage in properties and life will increase.

ChunYuan(EA08076) said...

Hi there, this time I would like to introduce to you guy a good thing and a good method to save money. What plan are you guys using now for your hand phone? Postpaid or prepaid? If your usage is above RM50 a month, I am here introducing you all a good plan, which is Digi 50. I am currently using the plan and I am feeling good of using it.
Here are the top 5 reasons why you’ll love DiGi Postpaid:
1. Lowest Call rate from 10 cents/min to all Fixed and Mobile numbers.
2. Flat Rate Nationwide for all your Calls/SMS/MMS.
3. FREE Domestic Calls and SMS*.
4. FREE Calls to our DiGi Customer Service.
5. No Deposit / Upfront Payment upon registration.

*FREE Domestic Calls and SMS of up to RM600 per month are applicable for DG 250 plan only.

You might feel that this is a normal thing, but comparing to prepaid user that exceeds RM50 usage per month, digi 50 postpaid plan is definitely suitable for you! First, all the calls to all lines around Malaysia is 13cents per minute. And one benefit of digi plan is that, the call block is in 30 seconds. For example, if you make call for 20 seconds. Digi will charge you only 7 cents(30 seconds) and if you are using with 1 minute block, the company will charge you 1 minute call charge!! Secondly is the benefit if you have sub line. If you are having a best friend or girlfriend or even boyfriend who is always on call or sms with you, you can choose to be sub line of them. By then, you will be able to get free calls and sms with him totally! Then the sub line can use the minimum usage as a normal user, where only RM30 for one month, meant main line minimum RM50, sub line RM30 a month, same like prepaid reload, right?

I hope that this information can help you to save your money and remember, I am not earning from this and I am not a digi postpaid agent. I just wanna share with you all. 

ChongSoonWoei(EA08098) said...

'Malaysia has 20,000 with kidney problems'

National Kidney Foundation (NKF) vice-chairman Datuk Dr Zaki Morad Mohd Zaher said the number of patients was increasing by the day and there was an urgent need to set up more dialysis centres.

Anyone can get this disease. At any age. You are at a higher risk for getting Kidney Disease if you have diabetes or high blood pressure. Your kidneys can be damaged as the result of hereditary diseses, increased urinary infections, lupus, and or medications. Complications of chronic kidney disease can often be prevented or decreased by getting treated early.

To all my fellow friends,hope you all can pay attention on your food especially for us now stay alone without family in hostel UMP.Do not eat too much of oilly food and eat more vegetable and take more drink.Take care of your body...

Nur Shahida bt Nawi (ea08112) said...

Hi everyone! For this time, I want to share with you about my experience when I going to ‘Karnival Pengajian Tinggi Negara 2009’.
It was held at our university on Saturday. Actually, my friend and I need to make show of ‘silat seni gayong’ for deputy of prime minister. At time 8.00am, we need to gather at the area around the library and Canseleri to welcome Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak. We wait and wait. But he would not appear. It was too long.
Lastly, after 2 hours later, he came with his bodyguard and VIP walking to go to Canseleri. But, at the middle road he return and going to the stage without going to his main direction. I don’t know why he do this, but it would not happen. His action can make environment be chaotic. Actually, from the real plan we need to show our silat when he out from Canseleri that morning. We change our plan and exchange it at the area of ‘Kompleks Sukan’. We wait and always wait until he finish his speech at the stage. Then at afternoon, finally he came and give only one minute for us to show it. It was really not satisfied! We practice it too long . Waste our time to study only for practice it to his. But……I don’t know what to say. Maybe he really busy with his job. As we know he will became a prime minister soon. Congratulations for it. But I’m proud with myself because I able to show it successful, maybe. And can see his with eye to eye. Very close.
Also can meet Dr.Faiz Khaleed. You know him,right? From this demo, I feel that I become selebrity. Many cameraman took a picture at us. From secondary student, reporter, and others. Too many! I’m very happy and proud. That’s all from me. Thank you. =)

Chunyuan(EA08076) said...

Hello guys, it’s me here again. Now I would like to share with you all something about the standard of English of in Malaysia. Has you all ever listen to this word “Mangish”? It is a new term used to describe the English used in Malaysia. It is a type of English that is famously known as Manglish or Street English, a portmanteau of the word Malay and English, mostly spoken by the non-Malays. As I think, this is not a good thing because that is not a good standard and the English can only be used in Malaysia but cannot be used in other countries. This is more or less look like the Singaporean English that was used in Singapore and there is a lots of grammar mistake there.

There are lots of words that are abbreviation and used in Malaysia English. Mobile phone or cell phone is called handphone in Malaysia English. Photocopy is called Photostat in Malaysia, air-conditioner is called aircond, sick note called MC and so on. Moreover, there are a lots of Malay words being inserted in English words. Example like loiter called lepak, madam called puan, confused called blur, university called uni. Malaysian English is not the official language in Malaysia but it is commonly used. Almost 80% of Malaysian use Malaysia English in business.

Malaysian English is always used in our conversation and in our mobile text. This is not a good thing because this will affect our standard of English. We must apply proper English in our life. As for me, I always try to use full English in mobile text and conversation.

Nur Shahida bt Nawi (ea08112) said...

hello my friend and everyone!
today, i want give information to you about air pollution. As we know too many air pollution in our world now. do you realize it?
An air pollution is known as a substance in the air that can cause harm to humans and environment. it was very dangerous especially to living thing like us. it happen from a volcanic eruption, the carbon monoxide gas from a motor vehicle exhaust or sulfur dioxide released from factories.
Air pollution give a negatives effect to us like cystic fibrosis (pulmonary exacerbations), COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease :- chronic bronchitis,emphysema and asthma)and others.
So,as a human we need to take care our world from any pollution if we love it. Do not do something which give bad effect to humans and try to think with more creativity on what ways or steps that we need to do to make our everlasting peace.

Chunyuan(EA08076) said...

Statistic indicates that the population of smoker in Malaysia recently is 22.8%, which means that it's still a failure of the campaign " zero smoker " in our country. As all of us know, smoking brings hundreds of disadvantages to us. Lung cancer, bronchitis, COPD... Now, for those who smokes, are you eager to quit smoking? Good news! Here's some quiting tips for all of you!

Firstly, make up your mind about stop smoking. This is a very important part. If you unable to do it, you would not be able to place yourself under a quit-smoking regime. Secondly, start taking in deep breaths whenever you experience a desire to smoke. Instead of immediately exhaling your breath, try to hold it inside your lung for as long a time as it is physically possible. Try to loosen out any stiff muscle that you feel inside your body.You can also drink plenty of water in order to quench your thirst that emerges with a desire to smoke. This can suppress any sensation felt on the tongue and inside the throat and also flush out nicotine from your body.

Next, join a smoking cessation program. Make it a point to rigorously follow the prescription given to you in the program. Pick a way according to what you are comfortable with. And do take a pledge that you would follow the program as religiously as possible. Besides that, create a support system around you. This can be anything or anybody. Your family members can be the best and the most easily accessible support system that you can get. Friends can fill in their shoes once you step outside your home. If they are proving to be inadequate, locate and join a quit-smoking group. Discuss your progress and failures with them to help you keep a check on your progress and any tendency to deviate.

Lastly,reward yourself suitably if you think you have achieved the objective. This can make yourself feel happy and you won't feel low, which is one of the reasons why people smoke.You should also alter your lifestyle. Make it stress and anxiety free. Eat healthy food, exercise regularly, sleep tight and get up on time. Also, try not to bother yourself with almost everything that is there in this world. This would help you not to seek any type of stress relieving substance (which nicotine usually is).

Smoking causes many deadly diseases, harms nearly every organ of the body and reduces the overall health of the smoker.None of these effects can be termed as a good one. It's just the harm that is spread everywhere. So, why to undertake a habit that is so harmful? Just think over it! As what we said, when there's a will, there's a way. I'm sure that you can make it if you had really make your mind! Good luck!

wan nur farhanah (ea08033) said...

FOOD,(Reader’s Digest,September08)


Did you know that a portion of fish and chips contains 20 percent less fat than a 12-inch cheese and tomato pizza? Come on friends, let try this healthy chips recipe at home, which was created by celebrity chef Mark Hix.

4 large baking potatoes weighing about 200-250g each
5-6 tablespoon olive oil
2 cloves of garlic, peeled and crushed
2 tablespoon rosemary leaves
3 tablespoon freshly grated parmesan
Preheat oven to 200 degrees. Halve the potatoes, then cut each half into 6 or 7 chips. Place in cold water, bring to the boil and simmer for 3-4 minutes. Then, drain it in a colander. Cook for 45 minutes, turning a couple of times, until crisp and cooked through.
So, why not if we try this menu and replace cheese pizza with the healthy one?
Our health is more important than everything. No need to think about the famous food, but thinks about our health first. These recipes are too nice and delicious. I can make sure that you will not regret at all.

ChunYuan(EA08076) said...

Do you know what a balanced diet is? Are you having them daily? Do you know why we need to have balanced diet? For myself, I know what it is, I know why we need to have it, and I do know how to achieve it. Yet, I never practice it in my life due to the busy life and because I don’t like the foods that have to be taken. And one reality is that I don’t think that we can practice this in UMP cafeteria with the same foods everyday and having curry and spicy in 90% of the foods. I remembered my friend who recovered from cancer told me that the right eating habit is important to ensure that we are having better health.

I take a short review copied from the article for your reference.
1. Carbohydrates: these provide a source of energy.
2. Proteins: these provide a source of materials for growth and repair.
3. Fats: these provide a source of energy and contain fat soluble vitamins.
4. Vitamins: these are required in very small quantities to keep you healthy.
5. Mineral Salts: these are required for healthy teeth, bones, muscles etc..
6. Fibre: this is required to help your intestines function correctly; it is not digested.
7. Balanced Diets: we must have the above items in the correct proportions.
Carbohydrates are the main supply of energy for us in our daily life which contains carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. The main supply of carbohydrates is from potato, rice, bread and so on. We do absorb them from glucose. Protein is important for rebuilding of our body cells. Soya bean is a good source of protein and seafood like fish is a good choice too. Fats can provide us energy too but they are stored in our body beneath the skin to help us to fight against the cold. Vitamins are required in small quantities for our health. Exceed of vitamins will become toxic in our body and become poison. The others like fiber and mineral salts are important too. Don’t forget about calcium that helps the growth of our bones and fiber that helps our digestion.

Everything in the world must be balanced. We must practice a balanced diet to ensure that we are always healthy and our body is in good condition. Besides that, we should have constant meal daily. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Do not have the habit of not having breakfast because breakfast can grant us better stamina and concentration in class everyday.

ChunYuan(EA08076) said...

Every February we celebrate Valentines Day by giving flowers, candies and cards to those we love. We do this in honor of Saint Valentine. You may be wondering, who is St. Valentine?Where did Valentines Day come from? What does it cost? And why do we fall for it, year after year? Read on.

There are at least 3 legends of why valentines day is celebrated and I'm going to tell you one of them which I like most. It is said that St. Valentine fell in love with the jailer's daughter while he was imprisoned.Before his death he had written her one last letter that had been signed, "From your Valentine." This legend sparked what is the Valentines Day rituals we celebrate today.Nobody really knows if this legend is fact. They never really state why he was imprisoned. There are many uncertain ideas of what really happened to Valentine. Some historians think he was beheaded. Others say he was stricken with an illness while he was imprisoned and died. One thing that rings true is that pope Gelasius declared February 14Th as Valentines day in an effort to Christianize the pagan holiday festival.

No matter which one is the real legend of valentine, i hope those people coupling can enjoy their life and can be together together happily. University is the best place to look for future life partner,but please make sure there is no bad influnce in your studies. :)

wan nur farhanah(ea08033) said...

seventeen magazines(March 2009)

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but if you are always skipping it, you will be in unhealthy life. You don’t have even 5 minutes to spare for the breakfast? Worry not, I will share some example of meals that you can grab on your way out.
The first thing that you should grab is yoghurt instead of milk shake. Do you know why? I had read the seventeen magazines, March 2009, in the health pages. They had state that yoghurt contains important nutrients and added benefit of probiotics which are known to help maintain a healthy digestive system. Active cultures in yoghurt help boost the immune system. Milkshakes tend to be packed with sugar and fat. However, lower fat varieties are not too bad.
For those who are always in hurry, just take a cup of yoghurt in the morning to make sure that you have energy to do your works. Our minds could not work actively with the weak body. Begins your day with a breakfast!!

wan nur farhanah(ea08033) said...


If you have ever thought of cutting yourself or have done it, you probably feel alone and may not understand why you do it. According to the psychologist Dr. Adnan Omar, it is believed that when some people go through difficult life situations that cause emotions like anger, guilt, as well as pain, the pain is internalized. It then needs to be externalized in order to keep the emotional balance of an individual in check. Some may feel that they cannot escape the pain, and resort to self-harm such as cutting their wrists. The oozing blood from a cut has a temporary soothing effect to some because along with it, the pain also oozes out of the body.
We should remember, how terrible the problem it is, there must have the way to solve it. Nothing will be end until the moment we stop trying. If you have a problem, do not keep it to yourself. Always talk to someone you trust like a family member or a good friends around you.

Anonymous said...

Mohd Shafizal Bin Isa

source from:

'Football' is one of famous sport in this century.Football is the word given to a number of similar team sports.Football nowadays play with 11 player for one team.These games involve:

- Two teams of usually between 11 and 18 players
- A clearly defined area in which to play the game
- Scoring goals by moving the ball to an opposing team's

For me,football is very interesting game to play.This game can help people to know each other.Sometimes,all the player will shake hand before start their match.

Association football and descendants

An indoor soccer game at an open air venue in Mexico. The referee has just awarded the red team a free kick.

- Association football, also known as football, soccer, footy and footie
- Indoor/basketball court varieties of Football:
oFive-a-side football — played throughout the world under various rules including:
+ Futsal — the FIFA-approved five-a-side indoor game
+ Minivoetbal — the five-a-side indoor game played in East and West Flanders where it is hugely popular
+ Papi fut the five-a-side game played in outdoor basketball courts (built with goals) in Central America.
o Indoor soccer — the six-a-side indoor game, known in Latin America, where it is often played in open air venues, as fútbol rápido ("fast football")
o Masters Football six-a-side played in Europe by mature professionals (35 years and older)
- Paralympic football — modified Football for athletes with a disability.[43] Includes:
o Football 5-a-side — for visually impaired athletes
o Football 7-a-side — for athletes with cerebral palsy
o Amputee football — for athletes with amputations
o Deaf football — for athletes with hearing impairments
o Electric wheelchair soccer
- Beach soccer — football played on sand, also known as beach football and sand soccer
- Street football — encompasses a number of informal varieties of football
- Rush goalie — is a variation of football in which the role of the goalkeeper is more flexible than normal
- Headers and volleys — where the aim is to score goals against a goalkeeper using only headers and volleys
- Crab football — players stand on their hands and feet and move around on their backs whilst playing football as normal
- Swamp soccer — the game is played on a swamp or bog field

that all i can share from my reading about football.

Anonymous said...

Mohd Shafizal Bin Isa

How to Love
source from:

For me,love is beautiful things.Everyone in this world sure will have feeling to someone.That is called love.Love can be the most amazing feeling in the world but sometimes love can make us feel really hurt.But, i believe at the end we will find the someone that we really love.When talk about love,most of people will say that they know lots about love.But i also want to share 'How to Love'from my reading about love.

How to love:
- Say it "i love you"
- Empathize
- Love unconditionally
- Expect nothing in return
- Realize it can be lost
- Be Honest To Yourself

# It does not make you a bad person to desire someone else's love, even if they do not love you. However, to truly love someone, you must let them be free. It is selfish to blame them for your feelings.
# There are many types of love, for example: a mother-son love is different from a best friend's love, which is different from a romantic love. Don't be ashamed to tell anyone that you love your friends as much as you love anyone else in your life.
# You have to find someone that will suit you, someone you feel comfortable with - not just someone to make love to.
# As a word, love can be found worldwide and is often used to describe compassion and/or emotional attachment. Accepting those you love for who they are is part of love. You also need to learn to accept yourself before you can accept another. If you cannot love your self, how are you to love another?
# Love genuinely. Do not compare your feelings now to what your feelings were when you were with another mate. At times, we can experience rejection.
# Realize that love is a feeling that wikiHow can describe and attempt to assist, but ultimately, you are the one who must take action in order to discover love.
# Do things that make the other person feel good, but do not smother them with gifts and attention.

Anonymous said...

Mohd Shafizal Bin Isa

source from:

A rocket is a type of engine that pushes itself forward or upward by producing thrust.a rocket can operate inouter space, where there is almost no air.Rockets come in a variety of sizesRocket engines generate thrust by expelling gas. Most rockets produce thrust by burning a mixture of fuel and an oxidizer,Jet engines also burn fuel to generate thrust. Unlike rocket engines, however, jet engines work by drawing in oxygen from the surrounding air. For more information on jet engines, see Jet propulsion.Rocket engines generate thrust by put a gas under pressure.Rocket use by astronount to go to space.Malaysian astronount,Sheikh Muzaffar use rocket which name Soyuz while travel into space for do some research at space.Lastly,I really hope that some day that Malaysia can produce own rocket.

Anonymous said...

Mohd Shafizal Bin Isa

Automated teller machine(ATM)
source from:

Nowadays,automated teller machine (ATM)is very important especially among students in UMP.Students need money to survice their study.Back to (ATM) part,it use for access bank accounts in order to make cash withdrawals (or credit card cash advances) and check account balances.The first mechanical cash was developed and built by Luther George Simjianin in 1939 in New York City.ATMs are placed not only near or inside the premises of banks, but also in locations such as shopping centers/malls, airports, grocery stores, petrol/gas stationsor any place large numbers of people may gather.But,sometimes we heard that ATM mechine was broke by robber because ATM mechine always have lots of money.An ATM is typically made up of the following devices:

- CPU (to control the user interface and transaction devices)
- Magnetic and/or Chip card reader (to identify the customer)
- PIN Pad (similar in layout to a Touch tone or Calculator keypad), often manufactured as part of a secure enclosure.
- Secure cryptoprocessor, generally within a secure enclosure.
- Display (used by the customer for performing the transaction)
- Function key buttons (usually close to the display) or a Touchscreen (used to select the various aspects of the transaction)

- Record Printer (to provide the customer with a record of their transaction)
- Vault (to store the parts of the machinery requiring restricted access)
- Housing (for aesthetics and to attach signage to)

Anonymous said...

What is Electrical Electronics engineer is all about?

A global positioning system that can pinpoint a car's location. Giant generators that can power entire cities. A new design for an airplane's electrical system. Electrical and electronics engineers work on high-tech projects like these.
Electrical engineers design new and better electronics. They also test equipment and solve problems. A project starts by deciding what the new electronics will do. Then, the engineer designs the circuits and other parts of the electronics. Engineers might draw their designs using a computer. Later, the engineers test their designs and make them better. Many projects don't work at first. The engineers have to figure out why and then fix them.
Electrical engineers work on many kinds of products. They might work on cars, robots, cell phone systems, the lighting and wiring in buildings, and radar and navigation systems, for example. Engineers work in offices, labs, or industrial plants. Many work a normal 40-hour week. At times, they work longer to meet deadlines.

You need a college degree in engineering for almost all engineering jobs. Getting into engineering school takes good grades in math and science. Students also need courses in English, social studies, and computers. Engineers should be creative, curious, logical, and detail-oriented. They should also be able to work as part of a team.

The middle half of electrical engineers earned between $60,640 and $94,050 in 2006. The lowest-paid 10 percent earned less than $49,120. The highest-paid 10 percent earned more than $115,240.The middle half of electronics engineers earned between $64,440 and $99,630. The lowest-paid 10 percent earned less than $52,050. The highest-paid 10 percent earned more than $119,900. There were about 291,000 electrical and electronics engineers in 2006. Many worked for companies that make medical machines, communications equipment, or electronics.

Electrical engineers should have good job prospects. Jobs for electrical engineers are expected to grow more slowly than the average for all occupations through 2016. There will be a need for more electronic devices like giant electric power generators and wireless phone transmitters.
Jeremy Ashley Said

Anonymous said...

How To Build Your Self Confidence?
Being confident in yourself is an important characteristic and will help you in life and in your career. Here are some steps that you can start practicing with today.

So what is the worse thing that could happen? That is the first question you should ask yourself in any situation. "If I ask my boss for a raise, what is the worst thing he will say?" Then of course answer that question. Chances are the worst thing he or she will say is "no" right? But you will never know if you do not ask. Visualize accomplishing something before you even start. Jack Nicklaus envisioned his greatest golf games before he even hit off the first tee. See yourself succeed then go and do it. Walk upright, look confident, and appear comfortable with the situation you’re in and within your surroundings.
Ask for it. One thing is for sure if you never ask for something you will absolutely not receive it. Never be afraid to ask for something. Even if you are rejected dozens of times, keep asking, you will eventually get to a yes. The best sales people hears hundreds of no's to get to one yes, why? Because even after they hear a no, they keep going. Reprogram your mind to stop thinking the outcome of every situation will be negative. You need to think that the end result of whatever it is your are trying to accomplish will be positive.

Jeremy Ashley Said

oVeR^_^DrEaMs said...



Today, i would like to tell you all about EPL, English Premier League.

We can see about 90 percent people in the world know what is football. There are a big England league that is many people was very interested to it. The league is call English Premier League. This league is contested by 20 big clubs, such as Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea and so on. The Premier League is a corporation in which the 20 member clubs act as shareholders. Seasons run from August to May, with teams playing 38 games each. It is sponsored by Barclays Bank, and is therefore officially known as the Barclays Premier League.

Thats all from me. Thank you